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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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Больше года DracoLuver said…
emlincr - Thanks! And I know! They could hear the whole conversation. That just shows how both Bella, and Stephenie, are idiots. That's probably why she doesn't like looking at her hate mail. She made Bella just like herself, so if you insult her, you insult the author. She's so annoying.
LoveforSeverus - I wish death eaters were in Twilight, they would have been dead before the second sentence. ((:

My Story:

Bella: I looked out the wind-
Random Death Eater : Avada Kedavra !

The End :D
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
yeah keep going- if you make it to 3000 they'll be a big prize :D
Больше года emlincr said…
@DracoLuver- lol bravo bravo!!! haha i can just imagine some youtuber making that into a video and it would get millions of views :)
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Больше года LunaLizbeth said…
big smile
Woot woot!! We made it to 2500!!! And someone should definately make that video.
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
2501. Honestly, most people don't want to die. Consequently, immortality sounds pretty damn awesome at first. But think about it. Don't you think it would get *really* boring after a while? Doing the same things every day, with the same people, without changing, until the sun eventually destroys the Earth millions of years from now. Personally, I would rather just die than live a life of immortality which would get very boring at some point.

2502. Wendelin the Weird (I believe that was her name) was one of many witches and wizards who was caught and burned at the stake in medieval times, but the Flame-Freezing Charm kept them from actually dying. Back in medieval times, if a vampire was accused of witchcraft or heresy, they would be burned at the stake and they would actually die because vampires are killed by being burned. So, if the characters in one series could easily survive witch burnings and the other characters couldn't, who do you think is cooler? Clearly, the wizard and witches :)

2503. Guess what? Dean Thomas is black. So is Angelina Johnson. And Kingsley Shacklebolt. And Lee Jordan. All four of these characters were described in the books as being black and not just portrayed by black actors in the films. In Twilight, every single character is white, except the filmmakers decided to make Laurent black, although he was not described as such in the books. Racist, on Smeyer's part? I should think so.
Больше года emlincr said…
^^I totally agree with reason 2503.
In HP, Cho Chang is Asian, all those characters you mentioned were black, Padma and Pavarti Patil were Indian, and I'm sure there are many more. But yeah, in Twilight, as far as we know, everyone is white. Not only does that take away that dimensions and differences in the characters, it does suggest that Smeyer is a little racist. She either forgot that there are other races of people on this earth, or she thought that other races being in her story would destroy her perfect little world that she's living through Bella.
Больше года potterrox said…
yeah, I think they made laurent black so they could look diverse! which leads into...
2504: How is it even possible for Laurent to be black?? the first thing that smeyer says abouth the vampires is that they are pale.
2506: All the characters in harry potter have middle names, like harry james potter, ronald bilius weasley, even dolores jane umbridge. but in twilight we don't have that same level of character depth.
2507: Smeyer is convincing teenagers that they will be with their first love forever. Bella had never had a bf and edward was "saving himself." In real life the vasy majority of people don't find the love of their life the first time around. Being a teenager is about experimenting with love
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
2508. Twilight teaches girls that if your BF is quiet and never seems to want you around then he love you.

2509. The beginning of the stories. I was so excited to read Twilight because of the hype around it. I read the first paragraph and OH MY GOSH! she went on, and on, and on,... and on some more. I'm surprised she didn't put the lines of Longitude and Latitude in the book. But with HP I wasn't looking forward to reading it. I was just curious. But that first sentence "The Dursleys of number four, Privet Drive, were happy to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much" (or something close to that) had my attention. I remember thinking "wow this chick really knows her stuff" and I couldn't put it down. But Twilight made me want to burn my eyes and fall asleep one page in.
Больше года TBDfan said…
2510: Twilight teaches teenage girls that obsessive and abusive boyfriends are 'sexy' and 'perfect'.

2511: There are real werewolves in Harry Potter, and JK Rowling doesn't suddenly change the species to 'shapeshifter' because she wants to fill a plot hole.
Больше года mooimafish17 said…

(what do you mean im a bit late hehe)
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
^ Haha yeah, just a little late. It's okay though, I come in late to random conversations on this forum a lot :)
Больше года FredWRules said…
2512: How fricken easy it is to make fun of twilight!

eg, a couple of years ago, a guy i was friends with when i liked twilight *hangs head in shame* (but i never bagged harry potter. coz i was one of the nice twilight people :P ) told me this parody:

bella: your skin is pale white, and ice cold. you never eat, you don't go out in the sunlight.
edweirdo: say it. out loud. SAY IT.
bella: vampire.
edweirdo: ... I'm not a vampire, I'm a friken albino!

well, if you don't find it funny (it was funny at the time), check out this link! i found it HILARIOUS.
here it is: link
Больше года FredWRules said…
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
^^ that was so funny LOL
Больше года FredWRules said…

oh and, 2513. Dumbledores DAD gets sent to Azkaban for his daughter. HOW can people say there isn't love in Harry Potter?
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
okay, ive started giving out the props; ive given to:
Love Draco123
if anyone think anyone else deserves some props please give me their name!

also someone mentioned haropuff73 was a big contributor but i cant find their page- if someone could give me a link i'd be grateful :)
Больше года FredWRules said…
lauacullen66 thank you for the props!!!!! :)
Больше года FredWRules said…
sorry, another post from me. it's nearly 12.30, but i cant sleep.
2514. the fact that the series has gotten me and my friend (we're both australian) saying git. XD
Больше года FredWRules said…
one last one (maybe) 2515, One night while I was trying to sleep, I added it up, and round about 150-160 people die in the entire Harry Potter series, while 4 die in the twilight "saga".

I also refuse to believe that Fred is dead, but this is what I picture would happen at his funeral: (hopefully the pic works)
 one last one (maybe) 2515, One night while I was trying to sleep, I added it up, and round about 150-
Больше года valao said…
Harry Potter is not based off of a dream the author had - it`s based on a sudden idea that came into a train. which is worse. Twilight IS MUCH BETTER. IT`S SHORTER!!!!AND SMOOTHER!!!AND SLOWER!!!AND THE CAHRACTERS DO NOT PLAY HEROS!!!AND EVERYONE BEHAVES THE WAY HE`S SUPPOSED TO!!!AND THERE IS THAT THING CALLED PERSONAL POINT VIEW!
 Harry Potter is not based off of a dream the Автор had - it`s based on a sudden idea that came into
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
Alright, welcome to a debate forum. Where if you come on here, we have fun with your comments. Alright....
So what if the idea just "fell into her head?". Thats awesome that her mind can come up with something like that while conscious. Unlike Meyer, who if you've ACTUALLY READ the damn book, whose book was based off of a wet dream. Which is gross.
And it's better because it's shorter?!?! What the hell! That just means she can't go into as much detail. However, since we're talking about Twilight, she didn't go into PLOT detail. And smoother? I assume you mean transitions, and going from "I walked 2 MPH up the stairs, opened the bathroom door, and picked up my blue toothbrush whose bristles were 1 CM long." Does not count. That boring as shit. And yeah, we all get that the characters don't play heroes. Which, in turn, makes the plot line virtually non-existent. And everyone behaves like their supposed to? Ok so we're all supposed to be whiney, annoying, abusive, Mary-Sue, dependent, selfish, and stalker? Alright. Great personal opinion there.

Gosh I'm about to murder my computer. My "o" isn't working unless I pound on it so that was rather annoying to write all that. But it felt good to be a smart ass again :)
Больше года tournesol said…
weeeeell done guys!! 2515 reasons!! =)=)
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
LoveforSeverus well done for saying all i needed to lol

BTW what is that pic??
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^It's of some newborn in Eclipse.

2516. Natalie McDonald, who appeared in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, was based on a real girl Rowling knew who was dying of leukemia. She wrote to JK Rowling asking what was going to happen in the next Harry Potter book as she would not live long enough to read it.

Got that from Mugglenet.
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
i love mugglenet :) and mugglecast!
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
^Same here :) I go on, like, twice a day.
Больше года tournesol said…
oh! that's soo sweet! claps for jk!!
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
^^haha yeah i go on soooo much and i love their podcast
Больше года mooimafish17 said…
oh my - that is so sweet - what did Rowling do?

Wait - They climb out of the water.........like the creepy dead from harry potter...............

(Anyone else guess where this thought train is going.......)
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
mooimafish17 they didnt climb out of the water in the book- that is not stephenie meyers creation it is purely david slade
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
@FredWrules: 2 things. 1, I love that picture of Fred & George, I think it's great :) 2, who were the other 3 people who died in Twilight besides Irina?

2517. Smeyer is always saying how Bella is such a martyr, and how she would die for Edward or Renesmee or anyone she loved. But she never died. She never actually even came close to death. She always ran to the Cullens to save her or hid away from the world. Harry literally sacrificed himself for the entire Wizarding world, and those he loved. He let Voldemort murder him without raising his wand to defend himself, and so because of his selflessness, he not only was allowed to return to life, but any spell Voldemort cast on the people Harry had died for wouldn't hold. They were able to break his Silencing Charm, and I'm pretty sure he tried to Immobilize them but it didn't work either. Harry *shows* his selflessness, instead of just talking about it.
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
2518. I read somewhere that the director of Eclipse is actually making a sub-plot of his own idea for the book because he didn't think the book was good. Has this happened to HP? Didn't think so.
Больше года lauracullen66 said…
he is showing some scenes that we didnt read about because we see everything though Bellas point of view but were happening else where as its good movie making- not everything translates well exactly from book to screen- both harry potter and twilight show this. All the happenings that were added were approved by stephenie and were added to help the story flow on screen- just as the learning to dance at the yule ball and the snape hitting the boys on the head in the great hall were added to harry potter
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Больше года potterrox said…
@Loveforsev- What is eclipse about? I read it, and it has no plot. No wonder he has to make up some stuff, he has to have something to work with.

General question- Is new moon worth watching to ridicule it, or should I skip it?
Больше года SuperFab15 said…
potterrox, oh totally! My mom dragged me to it (Thanksgiving day, btw. She's such a twimom) and it was really funny! My brother and I had soooo much fun with that piece of crap :)
Больше года emlincr said…
^^You don't need to watch New Moon I'll sum it up for you right now.

Bella: I love you Edward.
Edward: Cool.
Bella: Whatever it's my birthday. Ouch paper cut.
Jasper: Rawr I'm going to eat you!
Edward: Oh I'm leaving you for your own good.
Bella: Oh I'm so sad. *Acts like a zombie for months* Oh look if I do retarded stuff I can see Edward.
Alice: Bella, I thought you died. Now Edward's gonna kill himself.
Bella: Oh. Well I think we better go get him.
Edward: Oh, Bella. Good now I don't have to kill myself whew. I was about to sh*t myself right there. Will you marry me?
The End.

Seriously, the "Will you marry me?" line was literally the last line in New Moon.
Больше года SuperFab15 said…
The last line of new moon was probably one of the worst last lines ever. Seriously, if they think that line's a "cliffhanger", they're dead wrong because a. most people know they do and b. from the beginning of that series, we knew they were going to. It's THAT predictable. I called that when I read the back of the twilight book.
Больше года souflizzle317 said…
^ Yeah, and the proposal is supposed to be this huge cliffhanger, but everyone knows that Bella's going to say yes and turn into a vampire and live happily ever after :P

@potterox, I do think you should watch New Moon though. It's a great movie to make fun of. The acting is just terrible, although Taylor Lautner isn't too bad :)
Больше года DracoLuver said…
Oh, i got something! It may not be a reason though.I'm just gonna say it anyway .. but immorality.
Bella chose it, since she didn't love. If Harry ever got that choice, he would say no. Why? He wouldn't be able to take his family and friends dying in front of him. With Bella, she'd have to see Renee and Charlie die, along with anyone else she ever cared about. But does she think about that? No, since she doesn't have a brain. I filled a plot-hole! Hahah.
Anyway, why did Bella want to be a vampire? She wanted to be beautiful and have vampire powers. Let's compare her to Voldemort (considering he was the only one who wanted to be immortal). He wanted to kill everyone who's blood wasn't pure, take over the whole wizarding 'empire', and be a dictator to everyone including muggles.
I hate how Twilight fans(the Twitards) are like "You have no life!!". We wasted about 9 minutes out of 24 hours, ooo. It makes us dedicated though, that we spend a few minutes debating. Also, I hate it when their like "It's a book!" .. if they can read it, why can't we analyze it? And if it's just a book, why do they take time defending it. Just laugh about it and move on. Oh, and "It's a free country! we can say whatever we want!" If they can comment all they want, we can reply all we want. (:
Больше года SuperFab15 said…
Don't even get me started on the acting or the special effects! The only th8ing more painful than those movies was the mtv movie awards, where new moon won EVERYTHING!!
Больше года SuperFab15 said…
DracoLuver, omg I never even thought about that! That's definately a reason, cuz it's so true!
Больше года hogwarts62442 said…
Oh my gosh you guys made it to 2500! Dang it I missed most of it.

2519.J.K. Rowling kept us waiting for the next book. Smeyer just wanted to get the series over with.

At least harry potter won one MTV movie award for best villian.
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Больше года emlincr said…
^^Haha yeah Tom Felton was awesome! "I know my mum's watching this on the internet at home, so thanks Mum."

But yeah with reason 2519.JKR took more than 10 years to write 7 books which shows she really worked on it and made sure it was exactly how she wanted it. The twilight series was started and finished in about 4 years I think.
And the same with the movies!I think it's gonna take exactly 10 years for all the movies to come out cause the Sorcerer's Stone came out in 2001 and the second part of Deathly Hallows is coming out in 2011. Twilight on the other hand came out in 2008 and I think Breaking Dawn is scheduled to come out 2011 if I'm not mistake, but I'm not sure.
The HP movies obviously have much better special effects. I couldn't even tell that the whole scene in HBP where Malfoy is kinda talking it over with Dumbledore and deciding to kill him or not was all green screen! That is how good their special effects are, while the special effects that made Edward sparkle looks like work done by a 10 year old in tech ed class. Wait, I take that back, cause that's a disgrace to 10 year olds everywhere. :p

I don't know if that can be counted as a reason or not, you guys can choose :)
Больше года LoveforSeverus said…
SuperFab15 I call it "the MTV Twihards go crazy and take all the awards from more deserving actors/movies"

Alright and so since DracLuver had a reason 2519 was really 2520.
Больше года FredWRules said…
@soulfizzle victoria, james and laurent. but they're "bad guys" so i guess they don't really count.
thanks for the compliment on the picture!
Больше года FredWRules said…
I have no idea wether this would count, but I watched new moon for laughs, and I pissed off my friend so much coz I made a little comment, usually sarcastic, every 2 minutes. It was fun :)
Больше года FredWRules said…
2521? INCEDIO would PWN the saprklepyres!!!!
Больше года icysparq said…
2522. I first read Harry Potter when I was in second grade (hah, and some Twilighters said Harry Potter's too hard to understand?!), and I waited for my letter from Hogwarts... it never came :P But sometimes I still wonder if J.K. Rowling is really Hermione or someone like that. Why? Because Harry Potter was so amazingly detailed and so complex. It's fantasy, but at the same time it's so real. Harry, Ron, and Hermione aren't self-centered, ungrateful Mary Sues and Gary Stus. That's why I cried when I thought Harry was going to sacrifice himself. And why my stomach got all twisted up when Hedwig died. And why I was in shock when Dobby was killed. And that's another thing!

2523. J.K. Rowling had the guts to kill off significant characters like poor Fred and Moody and even <gasp> Dumbledore, unlike Stephenie Meyer... Not that people dying makes a good book, but everything in those books was too perfect, every conflict was solved, everyone got a happy ending. fakeness. Speaking of the end, it was disgusting--"'Forever and forever,' he murmured (how many times does Edward murmur?)... "And we continued blissfully into our small but perfect piece of forever."
Больше года FredWRules said…
@icysparq- *vomits* eugh. that's just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too horrible, I can't even begin to describe it. He murmurs enough times to challenge the descriptions of his body.

I cried so much when Fred died. And when Snape died. And when Dobby died.

And I feel so terrible! I went to see HBP with a couple of friends, and when Dumbledore died, I couldn't help but laugh. I still laugh when it happens. I mean, when he's falling. It looks so comical!!!! *bangs head against a wall in shame.*
Больше года FredWRules said…
2524. In Harry Potter, nobody's made fun of because of their hair colour- nobody's called a dumb blonde or a ranger or anything.