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Harry Styles, oh how we Любовь your excitable nature and your eagerness to get NAKED at every opportunity. We do NOT however Любовь the fact that Ты choose reserve all of this nudity for the other One Direction boys. They're probably getting pretty bored of it by now, which we would never do, so we'd be еще than happy to offer Ты a new audience...

According to The Mirror on a Последнее flight to Lala land, when the boys were on the way to shoot their first ever Музыка video, Harry got so excited that his clothes just fell off. The power of Harry Styles.

We're assuming that 1D were on a private jet...
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HARRY STYLES must be spending a fortune on microwave meals for one.

He's suffering a problem known to many single lads — the loss of his wingman.

The One Direction звезда has read the riot act to his band mates as one by one they get girlfriends.

Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have all been snapped up, leaving just Niall Horan to share a doner with him at the end of a night out.

Harry is still reeling after flatmate Louis hooked up with model Eleanor Calder recently.

The boys had planned the ultimate bachelor pad when they moved into their swanky new Лондон home.

A Источник said:...
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 Harry <3
Harry <3
Note: This is an interview with Harry copied from Fabulous magazine..I own nothing of it..Enjoy!
So, Harry, A lot has happened in the last year..Do Ты feel like a different person?
Yeah, Now I look withered! Its strange because it feels so long ago, But at the same time its gone so quickly. I think we've all grown as people and we've grown as a group.

Of all the boys, and perhaps for a good reason, Ты have had the most press attention...
Hmm. At first, it was a bit overwhelming. But I now view it as something that comes with the job. Obviously, Some things I read make me laugh and some don't....
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A год after the prom, harry and I dated about 19 times .Harry picked me up for school . When we walk in there was no students .I asked Harry "Where is everyone ". "Idk I think I saw something like a letter on the door " he replied.At the door it сказал(-а) кленовый, клен and Harry please go to the theater .Harry сказал(-а) "come on , кленовый, клен , let go to the theater ". As I walked I thought I saw a Adarmaris holding dozen of balloons .Harry asked me to wait out side of the door. I waited 3min until Harry came out and сказал(-а) "maple sorry but I can't go in with Ты right now ". "It's ok " but I lied. When I opened the...
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The power of the spoken word.

How could we forget the moment that Matt Cardle won X Factor last год and then One Direction's Harry Styles casually leaned in and whispered into his ear "Just think of all the p*ssy you're going to get" not realising the cameras had caught his EVERY word. Oh how we lolled! Rofl-ed even. At one point we even lmao-ed. Well that's a lie, our bottoms stayed firmly where they belonged.

But for all our laughing we don't think Matt was amused by the situation. Matt has spoken about what will forever be known as "p*ssygate" to mydaily.co.uk saying that those few little...
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Amy's Point Of View

OMG! Its nearly time! Twenty минуты left! I had done my make-up and got dressed. I was wearing a knee high lenth, black вверх and black wavvy юбка with red roses. It was quite pretty. I was so excited I could barely sit still! I went to the toilet in case I wet myself on the way there! After I'd finish I got out my iphone to play a game. I kept on running out of time in the game cause I was nervous and I wasn't thinking staright. 10 минуты left! I sat up from my bedroom sofa and walked about nervously.
"This could be the chance to meet a boy! I wanted to get one for a long...
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posted by Jessy1DWizic
Hey! Listen up, if Ты want to get followed by One Direction on Twitter, it's siiiiiimple as cake! All Ты have to do is follow the Wizic girls!
Let me explain: I'm a huge Фан of One Direction but I'm also a huge Фан of Wizic....kinda obsessed with both... LOL ok anyway, I sent Wizic about 6 emails asking them if they could follow me back on Twitter and get me a follow from the boys and they сказал(-а) "sure, but Ты should other Directioners too, that way, when we'll go talk to the boys, they'll also follow other fans"!

So if Ты have Twitter and want to be followed by TWO awesome bands, just follow Wizic @Mindless_Fleezy @LeaWizic and follow me too @LeaMibrathu

Iiiip ^^
posted by harrysangel5
Is this Haylor thing real? The answer is yes. The pop-country couple with the 'ship' name "HAYLOR" is the mix between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. Although the relationship was denied and then confirmed many times the couple have made it real and have been seen in Harry's hometown Chesire, England, and Times Square. Recently on New Years Eve in New York the couple was seen Поцелуи when the ball dropped. Since the couple first started the hate has been spreading. Louis Tomlinson ( 1/5 of One Direction) has stated that he has heard Harry crying in the bathroom because he thought he was loosing HIS FANS> This is really sad. So if Ты have been wondering if this relationship is real then Ты got your answer; YES
posted by mapleperry
It was Tuesday morning. The ball rang. I went inside and putted my Книги in my locker. My best friend ,Adarmaris,shoved a poster saying there was a prom on Thursday ..she сказал(-а) she was going with her boyfriend zayn maik.i didn't know who to go with. At lunch I sat beside Zayn and Adarmaris. They сказал(-а) " Ты know harry want to go with you, maple" . 10 секунды later harry sat in front of me. Adarmaris and Zayn blurted out " кленовый, клен want to go to the dance with you, Harry ". Harry and me blushed. A секунда later Niall,Louis, and Liam sat Далее to harry. Niall asked "Harry why are Ты blushing is it...
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Despite there being a wide range of memorabilia that is being marketed to Фаны these days; from the cheap and tacky, to the outrageously expensive, I believe that I have stumbled upon, not only a niche product, but also one that is truly unique, and most importantly one that provides value for money.

I am conducting a market research program, and as such, I would like to ask your opinion as to whether Ты would think that an interior Дизайн concept that I have developed, would be of any interest to fans, for me to Переместить on to the production stage.

Let me give Ты some background information.

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posted by superDivya
Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner ended their rumored long-distance relationship earlier this year, and it seemed pretty mutual at first (they both wanted to focus on their careers), but Kendall was reportedly crushed by their трещина, сплит — and it looks like she still is. Although her aunt recently сказал(-а) that Kendall and Harry are still friends, Radar Online is reporting that Kendall "just can't get [Harry] out of her head" and has been desperately trying to reignite their romance.

According to a source, Kendall "really fell for [Harry] big time." But, as was rumored right after their breakup, the...
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posted by ChrissyStyles1
 This is my first♥
This is my first♥
So I don't know any other way to do this but if Ты guys have not noticed Harry Styles is A Styles Icon! I mean I just adore the way he dresses and I'm pretty sure we can all agree on that !♥He can wear anything and make it look good♥
So I have decided to put together a Статья Показ just SOME of my fave Harry outfits♥
 I loved this day♥
I loved this day♥
 The outfit from 1D день ♥
The outfit from 1D Day ♥
 He looked absolutely amazing this day♥
He looked absolutely amazing this day♥
 He looks like an angel♥
He looks like an angel♥
 This was amazing♥
This was amazing♥
will u be harry's best friend ??
imagine that u are famous ... famous people have many Друзья but they haven't real best Друзья ... and imagine that u need best friend but everybody around u wants Ты for autograph and nothing else. now imagine that harry has this problem :) will u help him and can u be his best friend .. ? will u help him when he need it ? :) <3 <3 i think that when u are alone it is the worst thing in your life ... now think about it and answer .. will u be harry's best friend ? can u do everything for harry ?? :) think about and write here :))))
-So, before I start, let me just say I own none of this. All part of this interview is owned by Seventeen magazine.-

With dimples Ты can dive into and constant goss about his busy dating life, Harry has earned a reputation as a killer flirt- and he's not denying a drop of it! 1D's Romeo finally spills about what he really wants in a girlfriend.

17: People see Ты as the girl-crazy one in the band. Is that accurate?

Harry Styles: I would say girl-crazy. because that makes me sound like a bit of a womanizer. That isn't really me. But I am quite flirty - maybe I'm too flirty. I'm an 18-year-old...
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Sorry harry styles Фаны but it looks like the cutie harry styles has asked 32 год old Jillian Harris out to dinner. Jillian Harris the same age as harrys ex girlfriend caroline FLACK.I think we definitly know that harry has a thing for older woman now after dating 32 год old caroline flack and then asking 32 год old Jillian Harris out on a date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its soo not fair!!! I think alot of one direction harry Фаны will be tweeting Jillian Harris on Twitter. Oh and by the way this is a true Статья about harry styles he did actually ask Jillian Harris on a дата and i think she сказал(-а) yes
 “They seemed еще like friends.’”
“They seemed more like friends.’”
Harry Styles' tattoo artist сказал(-а) that he didn't think Harry and Taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт were a great match.

Freddy Negrete, who does tons of Harry's tattoos, got to see Harry and Tay together when he went in to get his ship tattoo. Here's what he сказал(-а) about their interactions:

“Harry and Taylor didn’t seem in Любовь at all. There wasn’t a sparkle in Harry’s eye. They were kind and respectful to each other but didn’t have stars in their eyes.”

He continued, “They seemed еще like friends. Harry wasn’t in Любовь and it wasn’t serious for him. They weren’t romantic at all. He was just casual,...
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posted by xMrsNiallHoranx
So One Direction are basically one big love-in in which all of them are еще than happy pounce on each other или see Harry Styles’ willy bouncing down hotel corridors.

But despite all the bromance there are a few underlying tensions and the boys admit that they can get on each other’s nerves.

Speaking to We Любовь Pop, Harry admitted that he can get jealous of the fact that Niall Horan gets to be immature so he can’t.

Hazza said: “I get a bit jealous that Niall gets to play the immature one. He gets to always have fun and if we were all like that then we wouldn’t get anything done.

“I’m the youngest but I have to act the most grown up.”

Aw poor Harry, someone shove his dummy back in his mouth.
posted by RyleeChase
I'm sure we all have heard about the sweetheart's gift to Taylor Swift... 1989 Roses! But each day, things get еще serious....

Last week, a group of girls claimed to have heard Harry talking to Taylor at a hotel the girls, and 1D was staying at. The girls сказал(-а) Harry seemed to be planning something... something like a дата perhaps? "It's what it sounded like anyways," Later Опубликовано one of the girls on her blog, "I mean, am I nuts, или when a guy says, 'Hey Taylor, are Ты doing anything tonight? I just wanted to see if maybe Ты want to go out and eat something tonight.' that means дата MEEEE!!!"

Well, let's just hope she IS nuts!
Full Name-Harry Edward Styles
Brithday-February 1,1994 12:05am (UK time)
Hometown-Holmes Chapel,Cheshire,England
Best Best friend-Louis Tomlinson
Loves to-cook,clean,and Kiss girls 14-42
Bad at-telling jokes(he сказал(-а) it not me)
Schools-middle school/high school Holmes Chapel Comprhenshive School.
After school-He worked at a bakery,and started a band called White Eskimo and he was the lead singer.
came up with-The name One Direction,and the song what makes Ты Beatuful.
signs-Aquarius and H.E.S (his name)
hes the youngest member in the band.

posted by 1dfever
for Ruby aka Fiestagirl12345

Harry and Ты are sitting on the диван, мягкий уголок Ты guys have been dating for almost 3 years Ты guys meant in Лондон were Ты were going to see some of your close Друзья when Ты got there Ты feel in Любовь with harry so Ты moved to Лондон and Ты were going to stay at your Друзья house but harry got nervous and worried becase they were boys so he made Ты Переместить in with Ты and while Ты guys are on your диван, мягкий уголок he gets on one knee and says Ruby i Любовь Ты so much i dont want any other man to steal your сердце from me will Ты marry me Ты jump at the qestion and scream yes two years later Ты have your two beautiful twins darcie harrys choice and louis also harrys choice but Ты loved the names

sorry if its hard to read Входящие me if Ты want one and what boy