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 lana del rey ♡
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Лана Дель Рей
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One Direction
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Golden Ангелы live in heaven
golden hair in golden sky
golden lips and golden teardrops
sparkling down from way up high.

Enclose your сердце
and touch your soul
promise that forever
we'll be whole
and golden.

SOME день

Sometimes I do miss Ты
Sometimes this is all
Sometimes I'm alone
and hit my head against the wall.

Sometimes I forget Ты
Sometimes I do not
Sometimes I take the train and go
to our secret spot.

Sometimes I do cry for Ты
and spill a thousand tears
Sometimes I know we'll meet again
even if in a thousand years.


I Любовь Ты dear
I tell Ты this
Ты won't believe?
Then take this kiss!
posted by LoveSterlingB
heeeeey jen! oh my god boo, happy birthday! hooray for your sweet sixteen! my babe sure is growing up, isn't she?
literally, there are no words for how I feel about you. but that probably isn't true, since I'm Письмо an Статья that's gonna be long af, haha. I'm gonna go into our whole backstory, Ты know, when I first met Ты blah blah blah... but really when I first met Ты I thought Ты were amazing. for real, how could someone with an Эминем Иконка not be awesome? fangirling over Эминем brought us together, and believe me when we found out that we both loved harry potter, I knew we were gonna...
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