Хацунэ Мику Every body it is the Hachunes MMD!

LUCKYSTARGURLA posted on Jun 14, 2012 at 10:27PM
It's the famous singer of vocaloid and Hachune could join us!!!! We are gonna make our own songs. Here is mine. Miku's sweet world!!! It came out! The lryics. "Leek leek leek. I love leeks. Sweets are only in my wooorld!!!! Ice cream cake chocolate oh!!!! With a cherry on the top. RAMEN!!!!!!!! I love you...Sweets." ( Luka jumps in.) "My world has apples and bananas..." SWEETS! HEALTHY! Back 'n forth and they fighted. My translator of the japanese! :3

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Больше года HatsuneMiku- said…
Cool im gonna liscen to that song And i also love your Lucky Star icon that is so way past cool Lucky Star is the best. :3
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