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Does Finland feel the same way about Sweden или its just the Fics

Okay I am a hudge Sufin fan, and in the Манга Finland always avoids Sweden but in the fics he is a loving wife LOL okay does he feel the same way about Sve?
 Djmomo909 posted Больше года
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Tiina_Finland said:
((*doesn't feel like going on to my other account* =w=;

No, I don't think Finny feels the same way. It doesn't say that directly, but the way he avoids Sve and is intimidated by him gives us a clue.
But, Ты can see in some episodes, Finny would be thinking about him and be all like, "He's not such a bad guy....", but then he would see Sve's glare and get scared again.
So, I think Finny thinks of him as a friend, not, like, a husband или anything~.))
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posted Больше года 
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