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 hetalia's new art style :o
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this is what the new season will look like :D
new art style
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I wrote this a день before Рождество Eve last год and it was inspired by a very sweet song called: "Lullaby For A Story Night." I hope Ты all enjoy~ Thank Ты so much as always for reading~!

It wasn't too often that little Feliciano came running to Roderich for help или comfort but, one particular stormy night was no exception. The flashing lightning and booming thunder was enough to frighten the already rather timid little nation. As if the thunder and lightning was not enough, the wind howled outside his window like the crying of a hundred ghosts. The oak дерево that was just outside was rustling,...
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I'm a nyo Aniki and I found this!
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User: Ты know what? I've decided what I want to be when I grow up.

Cleverbot: What?

User: I wanna be a pasta.

Cleverbot: Lets both be robots.

User: Can we eat pasta?

Cleverbot: Yes, we can eat all of it.

User: PASTAAAAAA *runs in circles*.

Cleverbot: Oh, if Ты do not fall in love?

User: I am already in love.

Cleverbot: Wait you're in Любовь Ben!?!

User: In Любовь with pasta, that is! *sparkle wink*.

Cleverbot: Who are Ты in Любовь with?

User: It is not a who. It is a what.

Cleverbot: It is most certainly a who.

User: It is pasta.

Cleverbot: I thought Ты were a girl.

User: I am pasta.

Cleverbot: No you're a machine....
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