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I gotta say what's on my mind
Something about us doesn't seem right these days
Life keeps getting in the way
Whenever we try
Somehow the plan is always rearranged

It's so hard to say
But I gotta do what's best for me
You'll be okay...

I've got to Переместить on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope Ты understand

We might find a place in this world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

Don't wanna leave it all behind
But I get my hopes up and I watch them fall every time
Another color turns to gray
And it's just too hard to watch is all slowly fade away

I'm leavin' today
'Cause I gotta...
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Its out with the old and in with the new,
Goodbye clouds of Grey, hello skies of blue
A dip in the pool, a trip to the spa
Endless days in my chaise
The whole world according to moi
Excuse Me Thank You
Iced чай imported from England,
Lifeguards imported from Spain,
Towels imported from Turkey,
Turkey imported from Maine,

Sharpay and Ryan:
We're gonna relax and renew,

You, go, do!

I want fabulous,
That is my simple request,
All things fabulous,
Bigger and better and best,
I need something inspiring to help me get along,
I need a little fabulous is that so wrong?

Fetch me my jimmy choo flip flops,...
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What time is it?
It's our vacation
What time is it?
Party time
That's right, say it loud

What time is it?
The time of our lives
What time is it?
School's out, scream and shout!

Finally summer's here
Good to be chiilin' out
I'm off the clock
The pressure's off
Now my girl's what it's all about

Ready for some sunshine
For my сердце to take a chance
I'm here to stay
Not movin' away
Ready for a summer romance

[Troy and Gabriella]
Everybody ready, going crazy, yeah we're out
Come on and let me hear Ты say it now, right now

What time is it?
It's our vacation
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