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harryNniallsGal posted on Mar 30, 2013 at 01:44PM
I have bought some clay and i made gamzee's horns for my cosplay. i decided to go to this shop that puts photos on shirts so it would be cheaper and faster than to go purchasing a shirt off the homestuck site. unfortunately they couold not put it on as black so i had to get the symbol on a blue ish shirt. and i could not find any ajama pants with polka dots or black pants either so i got these shorts with smiley faces on them, so i guess i will have to be pajama gamzee :O) HoNk......my friend has a long black wig she does not want any more, and i hve a lot of clay lft for more horns, so who should i cosplay next?? aradia or vriska??, and can you add me as a fan??

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Больше года Foxy10 said…
Cool are you cosplaying for a con? BTW you could get a dark iron on transfer sheets they work on dark colors! And aren't expensive at all :3 Also Gamzee is my second favorite troll Cool! :O3 You might have chosen already but Aradia seems cool or you could just do both! You can never have to much cosplay X3