Застрявшие дома Застрявшие дома Endless Vacation in Hawaii (Roleplay)

GutsyGumshoe11 posted on Aug 12, 2013 at 04:09AM
I already took Jane Crocker, as you can see. Post who you want to roleplay as and I'll post the characters taken. You can be genderstuck, alpha, beta, dancestor, ancestor, bad guys, trolls, anything Homestuck! I don't care! I'll get it started!

-Roxy Lalonde
-Jane Crocker
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Больше года GutsyGumshoe11 said…
Jane Crocker sits at her computer, an add pops up from BettyBother. "Oh, dear." Jan says as she goes to close the tab. As her mouse inches closer, she sees what the add is for, 'An all expense payed visit to Hawaii!' Jane gets very excited, "I've got to tell Roxy!" She starts to bother Roxy.

--gutsyGumshoe [GG] began bothering tipsyGnostolgic [TG] at 23:10--
[23:10] GG: Hey! Roxy! Guess what BettyBother gave me? I can not believe I actually got something good out of this chat client, glad I didn't change it!
Больше года Jekyde said…
((I'll be Roxy!!))
TG: sup bra ((sorry if I'm bad DX))
Больше года GutsyGumshoe11 said…
((It's all good))
GG: BettyBother just posted an ad! I just won us an all expense paid trip to the islands of Hawaii!
Больше года Jekyde said…
TG: really
TG: aw man
TG: that sunds so fuckin awesome
TG: *sounds
Больше года GutsyGumshoe11 said…
GG: Do you want to tell Dirk?
Больше года johnegbert said…
((hey! sorry im, 6 months late, but, is there room for a John Egbert?))
Больше года wolfy33 said…
((Could we be more then one character perhaps? Because I don't think I could choose just one >.<))
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