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posted by nikolabelle
Today I made some hot Шоколад and it SUPERHEATED in the microwave. Do Ты know what superheating is? It is when Ты heat something too much and it explodes when yout ouch it with something cold или just goes everywhere. This is actually quite serious as people have been hospitalised because of superheating, i.e. they got really burnt!!!It went everywhere and now tastes sooooo disgusting. What happened was: I heated it for 70 seconds. I touched the glass. It wasn't warm, so I put it in for 60 seconds. I went to say hi to my mum and dad, came back, and watched my hot Шоколад bubble and frith over the rim of the glass. When the 60 secs were up, there was Шоколад EVERYWHERE!!! Now it tastes bad. It is quite a pity, actually. BUT the danger of SUPERHEATING should NEVER stop Ты from making hot Шоколад as it is the yummiest drink in the world!!!!!!