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Do not ask me where this originated from, because I honestly don't remember. It happened years ago, and now I'm a pro. Ты can literally say a sentence to me and I can relay it back to Ты in my alphabet within seconds.

A = U
B = P
C = S
D = T
E = O
F = V
G = J
H = W
I = Y
J = G
K = Q
L = R
M = N
N = M
O = E
P = B
Q = K
R = L
S = C
T = D
U = A
V = F
W = H
X = Z
Y = I
Z = X

My opposite alphabet that I created for no apparent reason. I've been trying to teach it to my best friend for years and she still only gets half of it right.

Wy, ni muno yc Sud umt y un u crad.


Hi, my name is Cat and I am a slut.

I also have no apparent reason for sharing... I just felt like it... feel free to Комментарий about my teetering sanity.
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A St. Berry/Klaine comparison picspam
Merry Christmas, Ana! I hope Ты like it. :}

 Look at these sexy bitches!
Look at these sexy bitches!

It's no secret that Jonathan Groff and Darren Criss are probably the two biggest sweethearts in all of the land. It's a proven fact that girls get pregnant just from hearing their voices, and their charming nature turns men gay. 4 REEL.
Basically, they are the greatest gifts to mankind. Thank you, Jeezus.

Also, FUN FACT!, turns out that they were both possibly up for the part of Finn. Darren tried out for the part over 2 years ago, and Ryan offered a similar part to Jon when he...
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A mashup of almost all the couples Ты listed, I hope I got them all right! [I had to guess some abbreviations!] The coloring got kind of messed up, and the end is super Болталка but I didn't know what else to use.
secret santa
mash up
darren criss
multi Фан
credit: pinkladys08
freaking cute
бык терьер
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I don't normally credit for Видео because I don't believe it to be necessary, but this BEAUTIFUL piece of amazingness was made by Smokeyfizz. Anakin vids are SO heartbreaking,. There's no such thing as a happy one... (besides Nobody's Perfect)
darth vader
kristin is a bawling baby
This teaches a valuable lesson, guys. If a girl isn't interested in you, she's a lesbian.
fucking hilarious
the mignight beast
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