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posted by Chandlerfan
As some of Ты may know, I’ve been going on about the ‘perfect song’ for a fic but never got round to Письмо one due to the damn writer’s block! But I have now managed to finish it. Finally. So enjoy, and let me know what Ты think! =]
One shot. Song lyrics in italics. Set in S5.

Sitting in his office, a lonely soul, wondering what went wrong. She was there for him, the only one sitting beside his bed. The reason why Wilson wasn’t there, he could understand, although he still expected him to forgive him sooner, being Wilson and all. But that didn’t quite work out the way he...
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posted by Chandlerfan

‘Cheer up Jimmy, it’s better me than Nurse Brenda, right?’

‘What do Ты want House?’

‘I was wondering if you’d seen Thirteen. She’s been sulking for two hours now.’

‘No. I haven’t seen her...’

‘Then who were Ты making out with?’

‘What? House!’

‘Oh come on, your tie has been loosened and pushed to the side, and the two вверх buttons on your рубашка are undone. Don’t even get me started on your hair’

‘I fell asleep.’

‘On who?’

‘No one! Just me and the couch. Now if Ты don’t mind I’d like to get back to what I was doing. Bye.’

He shut the door...
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House was waiting in Cuddy's office that morning. She was surprised that when she got there at seven in the morning, he was already there, and even stranger, in her office. She sat at her стол письменный, стол and saw a big smirk on his face.
"What do Ты want?" she asked annoyed. House smiled, and replied, "Did Ты by any chance leave something behind last night?" She stared at him a moment, looking very comfused. "Like what?" "Oh, I dont know. A hat... a neckless... a кошелек full of dollar bills that smells like the strip club down the road..."
"House, what are Ты talking about?" House pulled a кошелек from...
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posted by nothin_ooses
House was in his inner office. All blinds were shut, and the door to the outer office was locked. He didn’t want to be bothered. He was looking at the white board, in which were written symptoms that didn’t make any sense. That case was being really difficult and stressful. And for the worst, He and Cuddy had broken up from a relationship of 8 или 9 months, he didn’t know this things, but he new that it was long enough for him to fall in love, and now… all had been parted. Had been parted in the worst and painful, and cruel way… Betrayal. That was all the gossips were about in the...
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I think he would Любовь Donnie Darko. Especially, for the one scene where Donnie talks about how the Поиск for God is absurd if life means that every living creature dies alone. It's so heartbreaking when Donnie says, "I don't want to die alone." I could see House really connecting with the brilliant, brooding, and maladjusted Donnie Darko. Also Donnie is an anti-hero much like House, and also seems to see the truth in the world whereas others seem to be living in a trance. Donnie is also not afraid of authority или calling people out on their shit.

I think House would also enjoy The Prestige....
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posted by HouseJr
The tests are being taken, Wilson doesn’t know why Cuddy insisted HE take care of House, but he could sense in her voice that she needed him to do this. ‘Has what I’ve been joking about all this time finally come true? Has Cuddy fallen in Любовь with House?’ It’s the only reason he could think of, either that или House did something really repulsive with her and the baby the other night.
House was lying in the постель, кровати passed out, Cuddy had ordered the Morphine and House looked content, Wilson wasn’t going to wake him up to ask such a trivial question. But before he could...
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Disclaimer: I don’t own House. I just own a burning desire to follow Hugh Laurie around the set and fetching whatever he needs или wants. Forever.

“Letting Go – A Winter Fanisode”
Act Four


Wilson looked closely at the small freckle on the left shoulder of the patient in Exam Room 2. He took extra time to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. This was a consult, after all and he needed to be 100% sure so that his hospital would be well represented.
“It looks like it’s just a freckle,” Wilson сказал(-а) somewhat cautiously. “Probably from too much sun.” He looked along the patient’s...
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
BIG spoilers from Kristin
A main character will die this season.

This is the news I'm now hearing from reliable sources on House, that one of the cast members will be written out before the current season ends.

And trust me, it will shock the pants off of you. (Assuming Ты are wearing pants.)

So who will it be?

Obviously, we can't come right out and Сообщить who will die because that would spoil a major plot point that will serve as the climax of the season. And honestly, it is far too good to spoil!

However, I can tell you:

1. It's not the most likely candidate—not by a long shot.
2. It's not someone...
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 Dr. Gregory House. (Hugh Laurie)
Dr. Gregory House. (Hugh Laurie)
I've never had an original character before, but that's a really important skill in Письмо so this is me in training...which means the character won't be flawless and I'd appreciate it if Ты didn't kill me for it. My character is named Dr. Terrance Malcray, and because of my vivid fantasies about how awesome it would be if Stephen Fry did a cameo in House, I've дана him the part.

Enjoy! (hopefully)

House's leg was hurting like hell today... the blinds were drawn, the lights were off: every soul in the hospital knew that under those circumstances, his office was a genuine lion's den...

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posted by rose2
Hameron Фаны WHERE ARE YOU?

I mean,come on guys,how is possible not to like Hameron.Allison and House just fit together.Cameron is so nice and beautiful and helpfull and just so perfect and young.House is sarcastic,funny sometimes annoying but pretty good.The only problem is,you know,the age.House is 50 или maybe a little bit older and Cameron is almost 30 или younger.I don't think it would be possible to have many children.But,except of this tiny problem,they are just perfect together.It's just so unfair and bad that people don't see the value of this couple.Can't Ты feel it???Ok,I admit it.Maybe some of Ты will say that I'm saying all these stuff because I'm addicted to Cameron and Hameron but believe me it's not just that.It's all the passion and the drama they have both and it's just so addictive!!!!!
Isn't that obvious?God,I feel like anyone can't understand that!!
Author’s Note: Okay I guess I got the whole patient sickness right out of House Training but I just needed something to go on and it’s not exactly very relevant to the actual plot of the story, so I just kind of stuck it in there.

Murder in the Clinic
Chapter 1: He’s NOT Suing!

    “So what are Ты going to do about your new lawsuit?” Wilson asked as he and House casually walked through the hospital.
    “What lawsuit?” House asks. At this Wilson seemed rather confused.
    “Uh…the one Ты got a few days назад from that...
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Shed tears for Lawrence Kutner né Choudhurry, sure, but don't feel bad for Kal Penn. Although his character has been written off of Fox's House, it was at his request — and for a very good reason. Penn soon will be setting up Магазин across the улица, уличный from the White House, in the Old Executive Office Building.

"I was incredibly honored a couple of months назад to get the opportunity to go work in the White House," Penn told EW.com the night that Kutner was killed off of House . "I got to know the President and some of the staff during the campaign and had expressed interest in working there, so...
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Title: Losing It
Pairing: sort of House/Wilson; non-sexual relationship; later House/Cuddy FS and possibly more
Rating: R
Warnings: violence, angst, abuse, dark themes; VERY dark Wilson throughout
Summary: following Amber's death, Wilson can't bring himself to forgive House. When House comes to him offering to do anything to make it up to him, Wilson starts down a very dark road as their relationship becomes еще and еще twisted and abusive...can anyone help House escape this situation?

Chapter One
A Changed Man

Loss changes a person.

Wilson had seen his share of loss in his years as head of oncology...
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I've thought about it a thousand times,
and it still doesn't make sense,
only because all my life,
I've been building me a fence.
A Стена to keep away fear,
to keep away the grief and pain,
to divert the hurt I knew could come,
that in my сердце would it sustain.

I stagger the halls in shame,
for Актёрское искусство the way I do and how I treat you,
And I know that I shouldn't,
but its the only thing I know how to do.
I force myself to push Ты away,
accompanied with fret,
cause I know that's not what I want
and it becomes another regret.

When the thought of Ты comes to mind,
the pain begins to seep,
the grief begins to...
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House and Cuddy are sitting in a room with a person interviewing them about their lives in the hospital.

Interviewer: What is your job here?

Cuddy: I'm the dean of medicine.

House: I'm the head of the diagnostic department.

Interviewer: And what do Ты do in that position?

Cuddy: I run the hospital and keep House from getting into trouble.

House: I save lives.

Interviewer: How hard is your job on a scale from 1-10?

Cuddy: A 10.

House: With или without Vicodin?

Interviewer: Dr. House, please answer the question.

House: Answer mine first.

Interviewer: Do Ты usually take Vicodin?

House: Yes.

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posted by Irene3691
Well, this is our first fic ever and we put a lot of enthusiasm on it. We wrote it in English so it is accessible to еще people, but it’s not our mother tongue, so we beg Ты pardon for all our possible mistakes. It is mainly written by three of us, with a special participation. Each of us took a character so we could give different points of view to the story. We’ve been Письмо this fic for nine months или so and it’s already finish. We wrote it while the TV Показать was being broadcast so many things don’t coincide with the show. We’re still editing it so, if Ты have any consideration,...
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Just a drabble for the ship месяц fanfiction contest!

He jokes. She laughs.

He rants. She argues.

He denies it.

She denies it.

Wilson would tell Ты they’re still little kids, fighting just to see who would win.

Cameron would tell Ты they’re in love, and fighting’s just his way of Показ it.

He would tell Ты Любовь doesn’t exist, just the need for another.

But isn’t that the definition of love? The need for another?

She would tell Ты she may have had feelings for him once, but she’s not sure they exist anymore.

But is Любовь something that ever leaves?

She would tell Ты she’s tired of...
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posted by Chandlerfan
So here I was doing my Latin homework (as Ты do) when I came across the word made so infamous thanks to House MD, in one of the passages I was to translate. Lupus. Yes, I сказал(-а) lupus. (pfft to 'It's never lupus!') Anyway I've never come across this word in a translation before so I proceeded to look it up in my everso trusty dictionary and one of the meanings for it was wolf. See where I'm going with this? No? Then read on and you'll see - proided that Ты can decipher jibberish!

Now we all know that lupus is a serious disease and not one to be taken lightly. And also that it doesn't particularly...
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posted by nothin_ooses
Greg, why did Ты do it? Part II

"Thanks for all the posts. That was what I expected... some people liked, some people didn't, but I'm happy that even the ones that didn't like asked for more! It's really an odd story and I'm starting to like it so thanks very, very much! I hope Ты like it either"..

As soon as Cuddy stepped into her office she locked the door. She had any еще powers to hold herself together, so she leaned her back at the door, and sliced through it slowly until she could sit in the floor, and hug her legs against her breasts. That feeling was slaying her cruelly, she had never...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
I'm proud of this chapter!

House’s Head and Wilson’s Heart.

For as long as the road didn’t change, House didn’t care… around him, день and night could’ve changed a thousand times, but he only cared about the white stripes on the pavement:

Followed them where they bent and silently obeyed where the markings changed: he was blind to the world around him… the only thing he saw were those stripes:

He went left where they went left and right where they did, too… he had no sense of direction, no obvious destination either.

Changing winds, storms and even blizzards could’ve passed like...
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