Huddy Which Songs (other than the usual ones we've talked about before) remind Ты of Huddy?

PotterGal posted on Oct 14, 2008 at 08:08AM
Hey guys, other than starting yet another "song pick" i thought it would be easier and less space-consuming if we talked about the songs that remind us of Huddy in a forum post instead. :)
So, i was wondering, other than those songs we've all talked about before like "How To Save A Life", "Fix You" and "Realise" to name a few, what lesser-known songs remind you of Huddy?

For me, today i heard this song by Maroon 5, "BACK AT YOUR DOOR" and it COMPLETELY reminded me of House and Cuddy. If you haven't heard it yet i recommend you do. It's an awesome song! :D
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