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huddygirl2 posted on Apr 29, 2010 at 12:17AM
That is the person username for this site and yes he has been hanging around here taking the picks but really chooseing the one about hating huddy to be more clear

pick:How much are crazy for huddy?!
1.Huddy is the best ever!
2.I love huddy
3.I only like it
4.Huddy sticks!-and thats the one DeathtoHuddy makes

I know their are huddy hater's but must he go this far?-link

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Больше года misanthrope86 said…
This person has been a member of Fanpop for a long time.

Any offensive content that this person posted was reported and deleted. But this person caused the start of an interesting debate, because while they were posting anti-Huddy artwork, it was no different from the anti-Hameron artwork that Huddy fans had always posted. So DeathtoHuddy started an important debate about the Huddy fans and Hameron fans relationship and the double standard that exsists: Huddy fans can do/say what they want about other ships, buth fans of other ships cannot do/say anything against Huddy.

This is double-standard is happening again now with Luddy. Huddy fans (in general) are pretty rude about Luddy. There was a pick in the House MD spot about Lucas dying and when Luddy fans said, "hey, please remember that some of us like Lucas" we were basically told to shut up and stop whining. YET, whenever something is said against Huddy, Huddy fans riot and say that they have the right to riot because they are defending their ship.

Please look at the comments on this pick: link
Here, no Luddy fan (and they are all Luddy AND Huddy fans) said anything offensive. All they did was pick Luddy and they were attacked and told to leave the spot. In this instance, Huddy fans are attacking THEIR OWN because they are so intolerant of Luddy and Luddy fans. Is that fair?

Also, the Luddy spot and the Hameron spot have had many, many Huddy fans come over to the spots just to leave rude comments and troll content. So do not for a moment think that it isn't a two-way street. The Luddy spot quite regularly gets ransacked by a Huddy fan or two that thinks Luddy sucks so they have the right to come into our club and abuse us and our content.

So I welcome the idea of the user DeathtoHuddy, because he really started a debate that many people were not willing to have before he arrived. If DeathtoHuddy goes too far, then the whole of Huddy fandom goes too far at the moment. The last comment on that pick I mentioned above is no different from DeathtoHuddy's "Huddy sucks" motto.

People just need to respect people enough to say "ok, I don't like that ship, but I'm not going to harass who do like that ship and I'm not going to be rude about the ship 100% of the time either."

I always advise people to put themselves in other people's shoes. Do you like being told that your ship is shit? Do you like it when people troll your content just for fun? Do you like being abused for loving something? If the answer is "no" to those questions, then don't do those things to other people.
Больше года huddygirl2 said…
okay I was not a fanpopper at that time in fact I was not a house fan at that time ether and am anest the ship war.