Huddy House "Dancing" episode with Huddy??

Belle0308 posted on Dec 09, 2010 at 01:44AM
Check out this tweet:
"I just had the best week of my life! Thank u greg,Hugh,Lisa,all my genius dancers and assistants & production team.we just changed the game!"
This is from Mia Michels and she is one of the BEST choreographers EVER.
A dance episode with Huddy?

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Больше года Belle0308 said…
Here is one of Mia's dances from SYTYCD
Больше года HLforever said…
AHAHHA I just had this vision of a Glee-esque House episode and burst out laughing...then I realized that that is probably not going to happen.
WE NEED A SLOW DANCE THOUGH. (not sure if that's possible either...oh well)
Больше года anonymously said…
@Belle, thanks for the link, it's amazing but the sreaming fans are ruining it for me LOL I'll pu it on mute and play Hide and Seek from my computer instead.

Just so you all know, there has been a lot of discussion about this on Twitter (I guess @Belle you know)
But my personnal opinion is that TPTB would NOT do a musical type-thing as a House episode (because this was one of the things people were thinking). So I don't know if this is for the POTW or if Huddy is taking dance classes or going to a show or what. Of course this is only my opinion, feel free to disagree. I am only posting this comment because I'm tired of studying! :P
Больше года Belle0308 said…
I agree with you Anon, unless it was part of a dream or a hallucination or something along those lines. I can't see them doing some "glee" thing. In fact, that would just be odd.
Больше года Delia_Beatrice said…
Hm... The tweet itself sounds awesome - i can totally envision a week of crazy fun, Hugh and Lisa learning to dance together and everybody having a blast. A very "Dirty Dancing" sorta very spicy blast...

And our girl being given the chance to show off her dancing skills is really something i salute!!!!!!

As to what the circumstances of that dance are on the show... God only knows. Whatever we speculate on right now, itmust be really far off from what will really happen, i think we all know that...

So for now, i am just going to indulge in a fantasy of House and Cuddy doing the first dance at their wedding.

Off to pick their song. Any ideas?