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‘You-you… you’re Eileen’s father?!’, Omar stuttered, he was the only one who even dared to say something. ‘How... I mean…’, Omar сказал(-а) then looking at Lisa who was blushing a little but still had a smile on her face. Omar’s suddenly turned his head back to Hugh, ‘You slept with Lisa?!’, he сказал(-а) completely in shock, ‘Or… или is this just some weird sperm-donation thing between Ты two?’ Ты could see in his eyes that even though he thought it was weird he would really prefer the latter. ‘Not that it is any of your business, but Eileen was conceived… the natural...
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Thanks for the reviews!!

Hugh got really angry at Lilly’s dumb excuse as why she couldn’t come over to babysit Eileen, but didn’t want to scream in front of his daughter, so he decided to tell Lilly that they would talk later and hang up the phone. Hugh sighed as Eileen looked at him curiously. ‘Dada pway?’ Hugh’s lips curled up a little at her innocent question. ‘Sorry baby, daddy doesn’t have time to play with Ты anymore today…’, Hugh сказал(-а) softly and saw how Eileen’s expression changed from happy to sadly pouting.

He picked her up in his arms and she hugged him close...
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Note: sucky fanfic alert! Okay, so I'm posting this at 3 in the morning because I realized that I might not have internet in NYC at our friend's apartment.

It's also really short because my baby, a Huddy fic, is taking up most of my time. But I could never forget Huli for the holidays.

Anywho, I shall shut up and let Ты read.

Keep sinning! (:C

It was Valentine's Day, and the city was abuzz with excitement; lovers, family, Друзья and even the single ones, all celebrating in their own way. Most restaurants were filled now, along with the less classy bars, and some winter bearers able to face...
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So, so sorry for not posting sooner, but I have been, and am sick,
and ... I want to feel better, so what's better than making Ты happier and getting some reviews in the process :)
I Любовь Ты all so much :))))))

Chapter 11: How much complicated does it get?

Four months later

“Fifteen- love” Becca yelled from her chair Далее to the Теннис court. She had been an umpire for all the matches between Charlie-Billy and Hugh-Lisa, including this one.
Hugh smirked, he and Lisa were wining, three gems to zero in the first set. Finally, he'd got a good enough partner. Not that Becca wasn't good at...
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Эй, there sinners ;D and other people that are afraid to admit they are XD
Here, a Далее chapter... And boy... I Любовь this chapie!
I hope Ты do as well!
Thank Ты for the reviews again! :D
I'm gonna be greedy and ask for еще :DDDD
(another sin XD)

Love you!

Chapter 7: Anticipation

A месяц later:
“Are Ты sure Ты want to do this?” Lisa asked checking her hair out once еще as she and Hugh sat in the limo, going to the Emmy awards.
“Yes” Hugh smiled at her. He couldn't help but find Lisa's trembling funny. She was nervous, but not because she was nominated for an Emmy for a first time....
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Strangely... I get less Комментарии when I'm evil....
So, I'm happy to say... that in this chapter... I'll do what I never did before....
Don't know if you'll see it as I do... But...
here it is:
My секунда chapter :P
Please, if any of Ты didn't read the first one (and the prologue is not the 1st one) please do :P

So, here it is:
Chapter 2 with the секунда part of the Название that started with chapter 1

Chapter 2: (Knock knock. Who's there?) Change

All five of them, Hugh, Lisa, William, Charles and Rebecca, went through the LA general hospital door. As they moved down the hallway, to the nurse station, they...
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Oh, me again... I сказал(-а) I would make it up to you! So... if Ты haven't Остаться в живых the interest in my fic cause of the delay... All I can say is, THANK GOD!
Love ya guys (:C


She woke up to the smell of pancakes. At the very moment she realized how hungry she was and regretted that those блины weren’t prepared for her. She rolled over, noticing Hugh had already left as usual. Their routine. She shook her head and realized it wouldn’t be so bad to wake up Далее to him from time to time. It would pleasantly surprise her, but she would never let him know. She swung her legs around the bed...
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Lisa didn’t have a lot of screen time the following hours, neither did Hugh, because it was all focused on the team fixing the guy, and House and Cuddy were still ‘sleeping’. Hugh and Lisa sat in there foldable chairs that сказал(-а) House M.D on the backs, and watched and sometimes directed a little bit. At 8:00p.m. they stopped filming and started to clean up. Lisa and Hugh and the rest of the cast were called to a short meeting. “Great job today, everyone. Tomorrow we will be focusing on House and Cuddy’s complicated, uh, relationship, dare I say?” берег сказал(-а) unsure. “It’s a relationship...
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Video Huddy, Spoilers saison 7 et 6. Les personnages sont la propriété de la série Dr House. Enjoy =)
lisa edelstein
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Huddy goodness... AND Huli goodness! Credit housefanz at youtube...
lisa edelstein
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