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Hi guys, it's me :) how are Ты doing? Sorry I have been away for so long, been busy at work. So, I was now just wondering what's the general mood like. I mean, a few of Ты used to come along to read my fic, but are Ты still waiting? the story isn't done yet, that's for sure but if Ты are not going to read, cause Ты all left the spot, well then IDK whether I should post more.

Let me know and however Ты decide, Ijust so Ты know, I loved this spot to the core, I loved my Друзья around here like sisters and I thank them all for all the laughs and wonderful mornings and nights they gave me...
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Thought the Huddy breakup was devastating? That was nothing compared to today's сердце break. @LisaEdelstein will not be returning for season 8.

I, just like many of you, am in shock. While I knew something was coming, I hadn't really let myself believe it. But today, the harsh reality has hit us. If Ты turn on House MD Далее season, Lisa Edelstein will not appear. While I Любовь the cast/crew, the Показать will not be the same without LE. She is the сердце of the Показать & there is no one that can fill the void that her departure will create.

That being said, our voices must be heard. I am creating...
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Hi guys! I am back with a new but relatively short chapter. I hope Ты will enjoy it! And last but certainly not least THANK Ты SO MUCH for your comments. I was so happy that Ты liked it, and i am honored to have your fantastic reviews.Love Ты all.

Robert went back upstairs trying to clear his head and deciding he wouldn’t tell Lisa that he saw everything. Lisa was still in her living-room sobbing uncontrollably. She was devastated. After a while, she gathered all her strength and went to the bathroom to hide away the fact that she had cried. She wondered why Robert hadn’t come down...
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Thanks for your comments, here's the last part.

-I … I must admit that you’re right, Lisa sighs sadly. But Robert has filed for divorce because he loves me, he asks me to marry him last week, and I…

Hugh’s world collapses suddenly. His « enemy » asked her to marry him, and she probably сказал(-а) YES because he hadn’t told her that he loves her for seven years now, thinks Hugh heartbroken.

Hugh looks so stunned, so hurt, Lisa doesn’t know what to do. She loves the man since the first time they met, but she never thought или dared to dream that he would divorce one день ! That ‘s so insane...
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Hi Sinners! This is a little one-shot for Ты all! Hope you´ll like it! Sorry for some Письмо mistakes, but english isn´t my first language….hope Ты are not pissed off cause I don´t know the names of Lisa´s siblings или if she has nieces или nephews…so it´s just a little story to warm up your hearts and try to make Ты smile, so I don´t care if it´s a little late maybe but merry Рождество an a happy new год to Ты all!XD

What a beautiful morning. She woke up and smiled while looking out of the window. The garden was covered with snow and the children try to build a snowman....
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Do Ты even remember this fic? I hope yes. I-m sorry for not updating in a long time, I just had other priorities.

Anyways, if Ты do remember the fic but not what happened last time red this again link

So anyways his is the final chapter of this story, I hope Ты like it and I hope I get at least a review.

Lisa had gone upstairs to get a shower. She closed her eyes as she felt the water falling in her back. She didn’t know what was going on in Hugh’s life but she knew that getting drunk in that way wasn’t a good sign....
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A/N: I'm really sorry for not posting till today... busy weekend...

What else? Oh I hope Ты like this chapter... Thing are gonna get a little complicated since this point on since the flashbacks already ended there will be flashforwards...

But I'm sure your sinning mind will get it!

Please keep reviewing! It's the only thing that gets me through right now

“Hugh, I explained Ты exactly what happened last night. We did not Kiss at any point.” She lied.



Lisa heard some mumbled noises, she slowly opened her eyes....
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So here's part 2 from Truth или Dare. I hope Ты enjoy it. Leave a review (;C And school is starting soon from me so I'll be updating one день yes one день no. Just to tell you, so Ты don't think I am giving up this fic....again.

Oh and just a little teaser before the chapter: If something doesn't make sense, it's because I was trying to write as a drunk person would XDDD

“Let’s play.” She сказал(-а) as she spun the greenish empty wine container.


The bottle spun until it stopped, head to Olivia and toes to Robert. She wiggled...
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Okay, first things first. I know that when Ты read the Название of this article, Ты may have freaked out. I know that I did when I first became aware of the existence of this interview. But I just want to tell Ты beforehand, it really isn't as bad as it sounds. I freaked out, yes, but that was before I translated the whole interview for myself. Now, it is evident that the content can be interpreted in different ways.

(Please take note that I'm a high school French student, and I didn't really use a translator, so I took some liberties with the translating...French-speaking people, please don't...
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