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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
lisa edelstein
Хью Лори
house md
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Ok I'm here, I'm here. Sorry :P Personal issues. Now this is not really the Далее chap. It's the preview, revised and changed, 'cause now we have elements about Lisa....and a little hint to the Далее chap which I hope I'll be able to post tomorrow. I swear I'm doing my best. Just enjoy this mood engineering, сердце wrenching chunk Ты had already savoured :P And forgive me for making Ты waiting too long. I have already got some unofficial complaints XD

No summary requiered I assume? ;) BTW titles are getting quite odd I know....ok, I won't start over the "odd" word now :P

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Oh dear...a month?! I'm awfully sorry XD I didn't realize. Sorry, been always busy with school and then on vacation :P But on a bright note I have 4 chaps in a row ready for you. Hope Ты like this one. It's getting messy....but things have to get worse before getting better :P as Lisa said. I promise it wont' end as House did tho ;) Keep the faith. It's gonna be explosive (well, I hope....did my best)

Diclaimer (I think it's безопасно, сейф to put it every ones in a while): I know nothing about their life, Hugh или Lisa или whoever, this is just a crazy Любовь story one would wish it was true. Hope Hugh and...
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Author's Notes: Okay, slumdogs. Here's the bare brass. My dearest of pals, Sydney, had the absolute BRILLIANT idea of Письмо my post from Lisa's perspective. When she came up with the idea, I died of perfection. Sydney is the Cuddy to my House. In the way I think just like Hugh, I believe she is very much like Lisa E. I respect her interpretation of Lisa's thoughts immensely, and I think that we might continue on this road of juxtaposing perspectives. What do y'all think? Let us know!

She was too fixated on her script to notice him gazing at her as she walked past him, yet she could still feel...
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Thank Ты for your comments! I am glad Ты liked it so far, and i hope Ты will read this as well. секунда part just for Ты :)

-    No, no, no, Ты can’t do this to me. – she сказал(-а) while taking a step backwards.
-    Lisa? What…? I don’t understand. – he сказал(-а) frowning and taking a step towards her, which made Lisa step back. He was really not expecting that reaction. He thought… he thought… well obviously he thought wrong, Hugh сказал(-а) to himself bitterly.
-    You can’t do this. Ты can’t just say that you… lo…like...
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Author's Note : I know nothing about Lisa Edelstein's personal life. Everything written here is a work of fiction - I do not intend to offend Lisa, Robert Russell или his family. I do not intend to imply he might be violent - again, it's for the story. This fanfiction contains smut, dark subjects, mild violence. Viewer discretion is adviced.
Two of the scenes are inspired by Grey's Anatomy.
The songs featured are Roxanne (from the Motion Picture Mouline Rouge), 'I Like' and 'Tonight We Fly' by the Divine Comedy.

Happiness is so hard to find

June 12

-    I Любовь you.

-    But...
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Эй, guys...
No matter what happens here, I'm gonna be with Ты all,
and I hope I have your watching my back (but Ты kinda proved me right last night )
I want to THANK Ты all!!!! :)))))
I Любовь Ты and this spot just too much!
And I'm gonna continue on posting my new fic, it's getting еще exciting every time :D
Oh, and I'm kinda sad that Jo died....
It's strange when Ты kill someone for the first time,in the fics, it's even stranger O.o

oh, wait...
XDDDD that didn't sound right...
Enjoy :)))))

Chapter 4: ужин and play

Two months later

As the on год mark after Jo's death came and went, Hugh...
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Хью Лори
ellen Показать
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Hi, everyone.. since the PCA Night is coming and we are all but excited about seeing the goddess Lisa Edelstein on stage and giving her teary-eyed speech, I thought of sharing this SPECIAL Сообщить / Статья by a nice #Huddy friend Paige Zinaman aka @LOS_ANGELES93 of twitter.. Her Имя пользователя here on FP is shsclassof2012..This was actually her special Сообщить project in school and since she chose Lisa Edelstein as the subject, I requested her to send it to me in my email.. Hope Ты all liked it, too.. Here it is then -

Lisa Edelstein

My Role Model

January 3, 2011

Lisa Edelstein

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Here is the Статья were we can all post the Ссылки about the Emmys! (also to help our fellow crazies not to get Остаться в живых in the Emmy madness!)
Make sure to put a Описание on what's in it like:
Live Streaming
Red Carpet
Etc... etc...

So post post POST guys!!! Share share share!!! XD

Also, I apologies that I had to write this nonsense. Because I have to write something long enough to make this an article.

ALSO ALSO... so no one will get sad if a link wont work, make sure to say if the link is only available in a certain place или not.



OF COURSE, Lets all hope the 22nd episode of the sixth season on House is the foresight of what's gonna happen at the EMMYS!!!



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