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 *dirty thoughts*
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Maybe it repeats but i see it today and ...*dirty thoughts*
lisa edelstein
Хью Лори
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Hello guys! Here I am again with the longest fic/chapter i have ever written:) Thank Ты so much for the comments, they always make my day! I hope Ты will like this one as well:) just for you!

It was 10 in the morning and Hugh was sitting in a cab in front of Lisa’s home, trying to take up the courage and go inside. He has been there since 9 o’clock. His plane left 2 hours ago, but he couldn’t move. He has been thinking about the past years. When life was so much simpler. They were fine. They were friends, he could turn to her anytime he wanted, and she could do the same. When they...
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This is basically the same as the other French article, but it's a teensy bit different, and it's also translated in full. Credit to @Belle for the фото of the magazine.

MY TAKE ON THE SIGNIFICANCE: Sure, most of us are already pretty sure of the existence of Huli, but this just proves that the media is beginning to notice as well. There are even a few theories circulating here that Hugh and Lisa are "testing the waters" in Europe, to see how people would react to their going public. Anyways, Статьи like these just make me happy. We're not alone in our belief!!! :D

Important parts (and titles)...
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This idea just came to me and it wouldn't go away. As much as I tried to study this wouldn't leave my brain. So hopeful Ты like.


It was late at night everyone was asleep, well that is everyone expect for Lisa. Here she was laying in постель, кровати with the man she loved and for some reason her brain just wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t take it anymore; she slow got out of постель, кровати so she wouldn’t wake Hugh.

Lisa walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. As she sat there she thought of how she got here. They just finish shooting the ending of...
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Ok I'm so stupid when it comes to try to explain something and if it's not in my native lenguage it's worse.

So please if this doesn't make sense to Ты just ignore this but I really wanted to try to make Ты realise what I just found out.

Ok here we go:

"My mother decided that those pictures were me and Hugh in Hawaii"

This is not a big deal. But the fact that her mother had thought it would be them is really suspicious because she wasn't surprised they've been caught together.
But this is not what I want to make Ты see!

"Paparazzi caught Ты in the beach... and you've been caught"

That was like...
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Was a lovely morning in house’s set everyone was getting ready, Hugh saw Lisa like always shining with cuddy’s outfit, she was smiling like every день in the set, she was leaving and was talking with Robert, he saw her from the distance, she left the set and сказал(-а) goodbye to everyone even Hugh who Kiss him in the cheek, she wouldn’t be around for a few days, because was in one of those episodes that she barely appear and she was done her part.

Hugh continue filming and Чтение his script, in the break time he approached to Robert and asked –hey Robert I saw Ты in the morning that you...
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Ok, I am seriously pissed and сердце broken at the same time.
I think Ты know what this spot means to me, (if not you're here for a wrong reason)

Huli spot was supposed to be a place for the crazy Фаны to go CRAZY!!!
And now... it's just, become something totally different.

I have been to the infamous spot once, maybe twice, but I haven't realized what's been happening there.
It's my fault I didn't see it and told Ты anything about it before,
I should have seen it.
I should have *sniffs*

And now, please everyone, please get off that thread.
I don't want FP to take our spot down, it means too much to...
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A/N: So ok I felt like continuing and don’t leave Ты hanging so here it is.

How can Ты ask that? I’m crying, don’t Ты see it? Ты must be blind by all the Любовь Ты have for Jo. Oh stop crying Lisa for God’s sake! He doesn’t feel the same clearly and wait, he’s caressing your cheek.

Another tear falls down and arrives in your thumb. This feels so good. Focus Lisa Ты were to respond.

“No, I’m not ok. Ты should leave.” I beg that Ты won’t obey me and Ты don’t. Suddenly your hand slips from my cheek and runs through my hair. This is getting dangerous.

And I can notice...
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What did I do? I ask myself as I get of my bike.
Stupid me why didn’t I stay Главная with Jo? God, this is bad.
What was I thinking? In her smile
Shut yourself up. Oh God this is wrong, this is damn wrong.
Why didn't I meet her back when I cheated? No.
Oh God I'm mad, I scold myself.
I shouldn’t have left, no, I shouldn't have gone in the first place. It was all under control, I ruined it. Besides she's in Любовь with another man. How stupid I am.
I wonder if she сказал(-а) the truth, not that I care. I mean I shouldn't I'm married. I have kids, a family. That eases my mind I'm not unfaithful.
This is a...
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I just found out that the video had Huli scenes, so I uploaded it. I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST JO :) Uploaded by emma1850huddyfan on Youtube
lisa edelstein
Хью Лори
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I know this one is shorter but I just like it so much!!! You'll see why (:C and no... I don't know how many chapters еще will I write, but it's gonna be 20+ I'm sure. I already have the 19th chapter :DDDDDDDD, hope Ты like it!
And thanks once again for feeding me, I was so hungry yesterday xDDDD (:C

Lisa was awaken by a door bell. She didn’t know if it was morning или was it still night cause it seemed like she’d closed her eyes just a минута before.
She quickly got out of the bed, got to the door, dressing herself in the process.
She opened the door and she realized it was morning and...
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Hugh shook his head a little, sour-faced. He lifted his eyes up at him “She’s not answering Rob....”
He knew this would be a bad idea. He just knew it.
Robert encouraged him “Just....give it another couple of rings...." he said, drawing circles in the air with his hand "she might not have it around....”
He shook his head again, breathing out.
It was a bad idea.
It was bad ‘cause, once again, she wasn’t answering and it was bad 'cause it was making him feel like an plain idiot once more.
It was bad ‘cause he didn’t like the idea of playing such tricks on her. And it was bad ‘cause...
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