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“Hugh…” Lisa breathed as they pulled apart. His eyes were dark as he shook his head slightly at her. Whatever she was about to say… it was a discussion for another time.

    “Now is the time,” Hugh сказал(-а) softly, appearing over Lisa’s shoulder right when she sat down to eat breakfast the Далее day. She nearly spilled her entire plate on the floor.
    “Hugh! What are Ты doing?”
    He pulled out a chair and sat down, looking her in the eye. “We are going to talk.”
    “About what?” Lisa...
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posted by maverickangel35
*prepares protective umbrella for the barrage of tomatoes and cabbages that will surely be thrown her way...*

    Eight или nine days per episode…
    Lisa tapped the pen absentmindedly against the table, doing some mental arithmetic.
    Five episodes left…
    Greg and David exchanged looks, looked around to find the Источник of the noise, and glared.
    Assuming the worst, figure on 45 days? So roughly a месяц and a half…
    “Lisa!” Both men suddenly yelled, and...
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posted by maverickangel35
Previously on Just Friends...

Without warning, Lisa jumped up and grabbed at the nearest cupboard, and Hugh reached one long arm out and circled her waist, pulling her back in the direction of the table. Lisa’s hip hit the counter, and before anyone could realize what was happening, she had Остаться в живых her balance and fell, spinning 180 degrees and landing in Hugh’s lap across from where she’d been sitting.
    “I told you,” he whispered in her ear as she started giggling. “No еще тост for you!”


    “You know I always thought of Ты as a...
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posted by huddyforever
“Morning.” Lisa сказал(-а) sleepily. “Morning.” Hugh replied back looking into her eyes. They stared into eachother’s eyes for atleast 5 минуты before deciding to get up. It was morning and they knew it all ended in the morning but neither one wanted it to end. They stood up (he had to утка because he was so tall) and they looked into eachother’s eyes again. “I’ll always remember this…I’ll always remember you.” He spoke softly and then leaned down to Kiss her gently. She kissed back and was now on the verge of tears. He placed a soft hand on her cheek and they both smiled weakly....
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Lisa's Mom is a HULI!!!!XDD
house md
lisa edelstein
e! news
лиса, фокс summer tca 2010
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"And on Последнее news, Hugh Laurie, the звезда of the hit Телевидение Показать "House" is back in Los Angeles after a месяц back Главная with his family. He smiles and seems unusually cheery as he stepped out of the airport this morning. News of his marriage falling apart seems to be completely untrue as pictures of him with his wife were shot around Лондон last week, both of them Показ no reservations for PDA. "House" is reported to start shooting its fifth season this spring. Stay tuned for…"

It had been four days since she had heard that news on her T.V and she still remembered every frame of picture...
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posted by HughLaurie1
Эй, again, I really Любовь Чтение fics and decided to write some by myself. So I want to try Huli fic. I hope Ты like it. And has always, sorry for my bad english. XOXO
This is it, she сказал(-а) to herself, ‘ This is the end. God why I need to Любовь him so much? Why I can’t forget him? Why I Любовь to watch him so much? Why I can’t be with him and not to think about his lips taste?’’ There was so many Вопросы in her mind ’why?’. She wanted to forget him , tried to forget him, tried not to stare at him in “that” way.. But she couldn’t help herself. No matter...
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Transcript of Hugh Laurie's interview with Tavis Smiley...

Just sharing... XD...


Tavis: Pleased to welcome Hugh Laurie to this program. The six-time Emmy nominee continues his role on one of TV's most Популярное and unique dramas, "House." The Показать just kicked off its seventh season earlier this week. It airs, of course, every Monday at 8:00 on Fox. Here now, a scene from "House."


Tavis: Hugh Laurie, good to have Ты on the program, sir.

Hugh Laurie: Thank Ты very much, good to be here.

Tavis: Ты doing all right?

Laurie: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Tavis: So I'm going to tell on you. There's a monitor...
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