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Where can I find some good screencaps of the 2 Ice Age's?

 Okami_Amaterasu posted Больше года
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Smokesick said:
I'll answer your Вопрос in a different way:
Ты Can capture screenshots from any Movie (almost any) with "Video Snapshot Genius"
Ты can download it from "www.zamunda.net", или just use this link: link
I hope I helped, and if, I am glad that I helped you.
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posted Больше года 
Yeah, I'm sure it will be very useful and i'll let Ты know how it goes :)
Okami_Amaterasu posted Больше года
Ok, but Still, I am glad if I helped out. ^_^ P.S. I have an account in YouTube "Smokesick12" and I uploaded " Sid Combat - Track 04 " from the game Музыка Player. Check it out.
Smokesick posted Больше года
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