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posted by iluvhellowkitty
In a world...there are demons big,small,scary,weird,the Список gose one.Thats why we have DEMON BUSTERS!!!!!! THEME SONG!...............GHOST BUSTERS!! If
there somethin strange in your neghiborhood who u gonna call?????????/

Inuyasha:HEY Ranma we got a call in ny theres some Paranormal activity over there

Ranma:Alright!Lets GO!

45 minuets later

Ranma:OH SHIT! Dude thats Demon just ate their cat

Lady:No Muffins!!!!!!!!!No!!!!!!!

Inuyasha:Lets kill it TETSIAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!

*kills demons blood all over the walls*

Ranma:Well we got the job done!Pay up

Lady:You let...
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posted by samrkguddu
One день a demon came out of a well and was found in japan,tokyo.It was in the morning and ranma and akani were on their way to school.When they were at the school's gate they saw eveybody runing away then they saw a big demon it was bigger than a dragon and was looking for a beutiful girl as akani and ranma entered in school the demon grabbed akani--silence for a moment--then ranma triend his best to save her but that demon was too strong then that demon was going into the well where it came from and taking akani with him ranma went with them too.ranma somehow managed to kill the demon in well but when ranma and akani got out of the well the saw so many trees and they saw a boy with dog ears and a regural japanies girl fighting over something and a monk,a girl with a cat which had 2 tails,a small kid with ears watching them.Ranma and akani knew that they r far away from their Главная and that wasnt japan,tokyo.................
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