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 Zim Character Дизайн Evolution
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Source: Nickelodeon
Promotional image Показ Zim's Дизайн changes from the original Показать to 'Enter The Florpus'.
Захватчик Зим
invader zim: enter the florpus
enter the florpus
character Дизайн
Захватчик Зим
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Somewhere far in space…

“My Tallest, we have checked Zim’s Daily doings as Ты requested. We’ve discovered some intriguing things he’s been doing during his banishment that I’m sure Ты may like to hear” The Irken soldier said.

“Really, Well tell us soldier what have Ты discovered?” Tallest Red asked.

“Yes tell us, what this ‘defective’ been doing these past few years?” Purple asked in a bored tone.

“We’ll ever since he found out about his exile he has been seeking revenge, I’ve heard him talking about how he will destroy the Irken planet and the armada. But he...
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So…in love?

"WEEEEE WAKE UP WAKE UP MASTA, I MADE вафель, вафли FOR YOU!!!!" ГИР screamed
Because of Gir's screaming, Zim woke up and found ГИР jumping on his bed. Zim noticed that the room was a mess, вафель, вафли and syrup everywhere.

"Master I made вафель, вафли in постель, кровати for you" ГИР сказал(-а)

"Gir how many times have I told you, never come in to Zim's room." Zim screamed.

"Awww master is grumpy again, don't worry I'll make еще вафель, вафли to make Ты feel better" ГИР said. He then left running leaving Zim standing there fuming, and it wasn't the mess that made him angry at Gir. Reason why was because it wasn't the...
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Both Zim and Gaz gazed at the baby, Curious Zim poked it.

Suddenly a giggle was heard from the baby; terrified Zim jumped behind Gaz. Gaz rolled her eyes at his sudden reaction and hold the baby in her arms.

"Relax zim, it just giggled no need to be scared" Gaz сказал(-а) looking at zim behind her; she had detected that he was trembling. When he took notice of Gaz's gaze, he stood and took the baby away from Gaz's grip.

"Zim, scared of a stupid human toy? Nonsense" He сказал(-а) as he returned to his seat. Zim look intently at the baby and poked him once more. The little baby giggled again, which to zim's...
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 Sick Dib And Bad Zim
Sick Dib And Bad Zim
Dib:Good Morning Dad
Proffesor MamBrane:GoodMorning Son :)
Gaz:Uhh Hii Dib
Dib:*Sings* This Is The LIFE!!...*Stops Singing*Uhh My Throat Hurts!!
Gaz:Haha The Way U Sang!
Dib:Its Not Funny!
Proffesor Mambrane:Wow Dib Son U Cant Sing?!
Dib:Idk Why?
Gaz:Haha!Maybe Ur SIck..
Dib:*Sniffs* ACHO!! Ok I'm Sick :S
Gaz:Poor U!
Dib:WhtEvr Gaz
Proffesor Mambrane:Hmm..Srry Son But Ur Gana Have To Stay Home
Dib:Ok Dad *Walks Upstairs SickLy*
Proffesor Mambrane:U! Go To Skool Gaz!
Gaz:Ok *Growls*
*Mean While*
Mrs.Bitters:*Growls*Grr Dib Never Got Here!
Zim:Hmm..Were Is The Dib
Zita:Hehe Look Now The Freak Is WorryIng...
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"Let's see...where's class 306" Zim сказал(-а) as he kept looking for his Health class. He began to walk faster as he began to pass classes 301, 302, 303, 304, 305 and finally stopped. "finally, 306" zim сказал(-а) as he entered his class. The School колокол, колокольчик, белл hasn't ringed yet so all the tennage humans were fooling around in class, drowing paper balls, laughing, running, making out, etc. But one student just remained in her сиденье, место, сиденья and she was playing a device that humans called a game Slave. That 'she' was none other but Dib's scary sister Gaz Membrane. Zim smirked at this and began to approach her.

"Hello Dib-sister"...
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 16 год old Gaz Membrane
16 year old Gaz Membrane
It was a early monday morning, when alot of people began to wake up early to get ready for work and others for skool.

"GAZ WAKE UP, IT'S MONDAY" Dib yelled from the other side of Gaz's door. "be quiet!!!" Gaz yelled back rather annoyed for being interupted from her peaceful sleep. It took her a while to focus and stood up from her bed. 'I hate mondays' Gaz's сказал(-а) to herself. She walked up to her closet and picked out her clothes she was going to wear.

After Gaz finished getting dressed she walked up to her mirror. Nothing had really changed much over the years, Gaz was now a 16 and she is still...
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"Now that there are no humans present to hear me, May I ask why are Ты suddenly interested in Zim?" he asked without making eye contact with her.

"I already told Ты Zim, I just thought it would be interesting to know what Aliens like Ты do differently from us humans" Gaz сказал(-а) and she continued to read the paper.

"Gaz Membrane is finally fascinated in Aliens, the Далее thing I will hear from Ты is that Ты want to be a paranormal investigator. I guess Zim has just found Dib's perfect assistant. "Zim teased.

"Hey just bacause I find Ты ALIENS interesting does not mean I'll become Dib's clone...
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