It's a Boy Girl Thing Избранное Quote?

Pick one:
"I think the greatest living American is.... J Lo. "
"You filthy little slut! Ты do that?!"
"A center parting is very European looking. "
"Nice penis."
"You can't even see the hairs unless you're really close... like 5 ft away!"
"Don't worry about your mustache, some guys are really into that shit. "
"He's gonna make me his bitch, I'm gonna be Woody the сука boy! "
"Oh god what was I thinking, this is so GAY!"
"Hey, Ты think she might, like, do it with me?"
"No one calls us a slut"
"We're actually very close""The closest""Real homies""To the end, bro!"
"Every morning Ты have this... thing... Ты know? A thingy-majig... "
"You white, but Ты my twin brother. "
"Sure! As long as Ты keep my dick out of your butt. "
"Ditto""Ditto back atcha""Double ditto""Doubledouble ditto"
"I really wish I had the most perfect and beautiful words in the world to say to
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 Shandiii posted Больше года
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