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Courtney is the lucky girl this месяц that won FOTM for this spot. I think we can all agree that she deserves this honour with the amazing icons/images she has added to this spot. On with the interview...

1. Jongrats! Ты are the newest Jate FOTM! How do Ты feel?
-Thank you! It feels amazing! I’m such a huge Фан of Jate, and to be considered worthy of this honor by all the Jisters on this spot, it feels pretty great.

 Chuck бас, бас-гитара and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates.
Chuck бас, бас-гитара and Jack Shephard are my fictional soulmates.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
-My name is Courtney! I live in Alaska. I’m obsessed with Television. Chuck...
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Hit me, kick me, slap me, хлопать, привкус me all Ты want for being late, but I come bearing gifts. Behold, it's the December FOTM interview with our падуб, holly, холли Dolly!

1.WOOOOO, FOTM! And with HOLLY! Yaay! So, what does it feel like?
This is an honor to me! I still can't quite believe how accepting Ты guys are of me. I know I was such a brat in the past, and I'm just truly thankful to have been дана a секунда chance!

2.Since we are such nosy people, we want Ты to tell us something about yourself.
Well, if Ты don't already know, I'm 21 & I live in Maryland [USA]. I'm obsessed with all things БрукАс (Брук и Лукас) &...
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 Congrats Ola!
Congrats Ola!
I just wanted to say that whole credit for Вопросы goes to Sophia. I'm just posting interview since she's being abset and she asked me to :)

1. How do Ты feel being the New Jate FOTM?
I'm so happy and suprised! But it feels great, thanks for everyone who voted on me. :)

2. Start by telling us something about yourself. :)
So, I'm Ola, I come form small city in Poland and I'm fifteen, in last class of middle school. I consider myself for tv junkie, shipping whore, Книги addicted and rock Музыка prayer.

3. When and how did Ты start watching Lost?
The idea appeared in the half of August this year,...
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 Jongrats Sophia!
Jongrats Sophia!
1.Jongrats Sophia! How does it feel to be New Jate FOTM?
Thank you!It feels amazing,I’m so proud!Thank Ты all for voting for me,it means a lot!:)

2. As usually, maybe Ты could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well,I’m from Rome in Italy,I’m a student,one день I hope to become a doctor.What else…I can’t live without my bike,it takes me everywhere, LOL And I’m crazy about TV shows,xD.

3. So, when and how did your adventure with Остаться в живых started?
 "I loved their first meeting"
"I loved their first meeting"
Well actually my cousin had the DVD for season one and I watched that one with her,that was...
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 I know Ты miss Blake as your icon, AM I RIGHT? :P
I know you miss Blake as your icon, AM I RIGHT? :P
Congrats on winning this FOTM Lucy, Ты totally deserve it!
-Wow Nat, Ты really did your homework didn't you? These Вопросы were effing hard!

1. First off, why don't Ты start by telling us something about yourself that we don't know?
-I'll tell Ты three things: I'm a hairstylist. I have an unnatural Любовь for cereal and eat it for two meals a день and the only reason I don't eat it for a third is I worry about my health when only eating какао Pebbles. I can pretty much recite the movie Beauty and the Beast in it’s entirety.

 It starts with a J and ends with a ACK, and is made up of dead sexiness.
It starts with a J and ends with a ACK, and is made up of dead...
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 Eliza - backtoblack (Jeli)
Eliza - backtoblack (Jeli)
1.First of all - Why Jate? What's so special about them?
Well first of all Остаться в живых is my absolute Избранное show, so it`s logical that my OTP is form it. And Jate…well Jate is just magic! I really can`t believe there are people who don`t Любовь them! They were shown as THE couple of the Показать since the very first episode! And their story developed in the most beautiful, intense, adorable, heartbreaking way! They made me cry, they made me laugh. Jack and Kate have it all: brilliant storyline, chemistry, amazing quotes, they went trough SO much together, and they are awesome characters on their own!...
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 I feel amazed and honoured.
I feel amazed and honoured.
1. Jongrats Cate for being the new Jate FOTM~ How do Ты feel?
Thankyou so much!!! I feel amazed and honoured. I haven't been on Fanpop very long, so being FOTM for the best spot and best ship of all time is just incredable! Thankyou to everyone who voted for me

2. Usual question, tell us something about yourself?
Well, I'm 17, and am the first Aussie jister :P. I'm a complete chocoholic, I Любовь to read just about anything, and Любовь to write. When I leave school I'd like to do a uni degree in teaching-I Любовь children, and helping them learn and grow everyday would be an amazing job.
 I was hooked from the pilot.
I was...
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posted by LowriLorenza89
During their first meeting in the Pilot, Jack tells Kate the story of how he counted to five to prevent himself from panicking in a surgery. He later asks her to retell this story to prove that the Others have freed her and Sawyer, and Kate repeats the story in an emotionally charged scene in Not In Portland.

Kate uses Jack's "count to five" technique at the end of the first episode when being pursed by the smoke monster. She uses it again when climbing down into the hatch.

Kate sews up Jack's wound when she meets him in the Pilot. Jack references this in Something Nice Back Home, stating that...
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posted by LowriLorenza89
1. Since the very first scene opened on a close-up of Jack's eye, it was obvious that he would be the main character. It was therefore also obvious that he would be the winner in any Любовь треугольник where he was one of the rivals.

2. Jack and Kate were the first characters shown meeting outside the chaos of the plane wreck. This highlights the importance of their relationship.

3. They were also the first couple shown introducing themselves to each other.

4. Kate gave Jack her real name, despite her having lived using aliases for several years beforehand.

5. Jack taught Kate to stop running, while...
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posted by LowriLorenza89
My вверх Five Kisses
1. Their first kiss.
2. Their last kiss.
3. The hallway Kiss in Something Nice Back Home.
4. The душ Kiss in Something Nice Back Home.
5. The Kiss in 316.

My вверх Five Hugs
1. The "hug of all hugs" in The Moth.
2. The proposal hug.
3. The hug before their first kiss.
4. The "I couldn't find you!" hug in The Candidate.
5. Kate hugging Jack to steal the phone in The Beginning Of The End.

My вверх Five Hand Holding/Touching Moments
1. The breakroom scene in The Man From Tallahassee.
2. The гуайява, гуава seeds scene.
3. Holding hands in the church in The End.
4. Their hands touching as Kate helps Jack...
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Pilot Part One

Jack and Kate's first meeting.
Kate sewing up Jack's wound.
The "count to five" story.
"You're not running now."
Kate asking Jack about the Marshall.
Jack and Kate discussing the crash.
Jack and Kate introducing themselves to each other.
Jack asking if Kate was OK after the co-pilot's body fell.
Jack pulling Kate into the cockpit.
Kate screaming Jack's name.
Kate counting to five.
"Where the hell's Jack?!" and "we have to go back for him."

House Of The Rising Sun

Kate teasing Jack about his tattoos.
Charlie describing their flirting as "verbally copulating", and observing that they have an...
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Since Hannah, Назад winner is out of Fanpop at the moment I decided to put Rochelle's Interview on my own :) Sorry for being so late with this.

1.Jongrats Rochelle! Ты are newest Jate FOTM winner! How do Ты feel about it?
Happy, but I feel like other people really deserved it as well. There are so many amazing Jaters <3

2.As usually, maybe Ты could tell us something about yourself firstly?
Well, my name’s Rochelle, I’m 15 and from Australia and I Любовь Остаться в живых and Письмо music.

3.Why, when and how did Ты start watching Lost? And what keeped Ты interested in it?
My sister owned the series...
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posted by LowriLorenza89
In this Статья I'm going to Список adjectives describing Jate and then name 5 scenes или moments which I think fit the description. The idea was inspired by this Форум thread: link.

1. душ scene in Something Nice Back Home
2. Hallway sex scene in Something Nice Back Home
3. First kiss
4. The net scene
5. Season 2 душ scene

1. The proposal
2. Hug in The Moth
3. гуайява, гуава seeds scene
4. Raising Aaron together in the SNBH flash-forwards
5. строп, слинг scene

1. Last kiss
2. "It was not all misery" "Enough of it was"
3. Jack's reaction to seeing that Kate and Sawyer slept together
4. "We have to go back"...
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Season 1
1. The "count to five story" in the Pilot.
2. The mother of all hugs in The Moth.
3. Verbal copulation.
4. "You checking me out?"
5. The гуайява, гуава seeds scene.

Season 2
1. Their first kiss.
2. The net scene.
3. "I'm sorry I kissed you." "I'm not"
4. Jack walking in on Kate in the shower.
5. Looking at each other when taken captive by the Others.

Season 3
1. The breakroom scene from The Man From Tallahassee.
2. Kate retelling the "count to five" story.
3. "Because I Любовь you."
4. "Damn it, Kate, run!"
5. The glass Стена scene.

Season 4
1. The hallway scene from Something Nice Back Home.
2. The proposal.
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
These really aren't in a particular order, except maybe the first 2 because I am obsessed with them right now ♥

'I'm sorry... Where do I remember Ты from?'
'I украл, палантин your pen'
'Oceanic 815. From Sydney. I bumped in to Ты coming out of the bathroom, and, I украл, палантин your pen.'
'And that's how I know you?'
'No, that's not how Ты know me.'
'I have missed you, so much.'

'Kate, Ты have about an час head start before they come after you.'
'Wait, where are you? Where are you?'
'You remember what I told Ты on the beach? The день of the crash. Do Ты remember what story I told Ты when Ты were...
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Okay so I've had this idea in my head for a long time... pretty much since I did the "8 Reasons to ship Jate" article. This is kinda the same thing, just a little updated with еще reasons and some reasons why people should ship Jate instead of Skate. Now I don't mean to offend anyone with the points I make about the Kate/Sawyer relationship, each to their own :)

10. Jack & Kate have a story, Sawyer & Kate have... er...

Way back in the pilot episode (I know, seems like a million years ago, eh? :P) when Kate stumbled out of the jungle and saw Jack, it became clear right there and then...
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 "I Любовь you."
"I love you."
What Ты saw on television, the Показать itself, was the ten percent of the 'iceberg' above the water. But the majority of our time in the writer's room was spent constructing the part below it. The details. The timeliness. The intricate backstories... -Darlton

That is an excerpt from the вперед provided by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for the official Остаться в живых Encyclopedia. I happen to own that glorious book and I thought I'd take a минута and share with Ты the highlights for us Jaters.

Kate's section on Jack's page
Jack was immediately attracted to Kate Austen after she mustered the courage to...
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 Jate FOTM of April
Jate FOTM of April
1. Jongrats Katie! Ты are the newest Jate FOTM! How do Ты feel?
Happy! Thanks to everyone who voted for me : )

2. Tell us about yourself!
Well I’m Katie (duh), I’m 18 and a college student in England. I Любовь Чтение and writing... oh and I couldn’t live without Музыка and diet coke!

3 Why, when and how did Ты start watching Lost? What attracted Ты to the Показать and made Ты keep watching?
 started watching it though when I found out that Ian Somerhalder was in it
started watching it though when I found out that Ian Somerhalder was in it
I knew a lot of people that had seen the Показать and I was intrigued by it. I only started watching it though when I found...
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Sorry this is so late guys! The манго lover decided to be slooooow with sending me her Ответы ;)

1.) Jongrats Hannah! Ты are the new Jate FOTM!! How do Ты feel?
-I was super shocked. I mean I haven’t been on Fanpop a lot in the last few months, или on the jate spot, so I think it’s awesome that Ты guys voted me.

2.) Let's start with our standard Вопрос - Tell us about yourself!
-What about me? Okay I’m kinda a boring person, but I’m super hyper and kinda random. I’m 17, and I live in Chicago. I don’t really know what else to add, mangos are my Избранное food, hmmm green is my favorite...
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 JONGRATS Irene <3
First off congratulations Irene, Ты really deserve this <3 I had fun asking Ты Вопросы & seeing what your reply is.

1. Jongrats Irene! Ты won Jate FOTM, how does it feel?(:
It feels great! I feel so happy that I won, I have never won FOTM in any club and the fact that I won it at the Jate spot makes it so special! Thanks to all who voted me!

2. Tell all the lovely Jaters a little something about yourself?
Well, what can I say? I am 17, I go to school, I Любовь my friends, Музыка and books. And I want Jack in my life (don’t we all?).
 "I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"
"I want Jack in my life (don't we all?)"...
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