Jack and Kate вверх 5 favourite Jate scenes?

velvet_fox posted on Mar 09, 2009 at 08:05AM
I'm just curious to know what scenes you guys would put as the top 5 greatest Jate moments ever. it'd be an interesting look at what type of Jate it is we're all drawn to. :)

I'll start:
1. The Proposal (SNBH 4x10)
2. The First Airport scene (TTLG 3x23)
3. Hallway make out session (SNBH 4x10)
4. Gameroom scene (TMFT 3x13)
5. "Because I Love You" (TTLG 3x23)

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Больше года frsbg said…
Well, let's see...
1. Gameroom scene (TMFT 3x13)
2. First Kiss (WKD 2x09)
3. "Because I Love You" (TTLG 3x23)
4. The walkie takies scene while Jack's surgery to Ben (NIP 3x07)
5. The Proposal (SNBH 4x10)