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nandacavalieri posted on Apr 11, 2010 at 11:10PM
Well Em made a pick a few months ago with quotes related to Jate. I thought we could organize them better by putting in here.

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.Quotes by actors, creators, critics...

Have fun!
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Больше года backtoblack said…
You could put Jack and Kate on a New York City street and have them pass each other at rush hour on a Wednesday morning. And they would stop and turn, slowing to watch each other go by. They know each other within the context of a universal recognition. They have met before, this life. And, they will meet again, in another.~JJ Abrams
Больше года sk91 said…
I have a feeling that in the near term, it'll be Sawyer and Kate, and in the long term, it'll be Jack and Kate. - Matthew Fox
Больше года sk91 said…
Jack is the guy she should be with. She does genuinely love him.
And she knows that he would take excellent care of her.

~Damon Lindelof