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Бэтмен is one of the most Популярное superheroes when it comes to various forms of media, and Телевидение is no exception. Over the years, Бэтмен has had several Телевидение shows.

In 1966, the first Бэтмен Телевидение Показать came out. It was a live-action series that starred Adam West as Бэтмен and Burt Ward as Robin. The Показать had three seasons and 120 episodes.

In 1968, Batman's first cartoon Показать came out. The Бэтмен Мультики were paired with Супермен Мультики in The Batman/Superman Hour. Olan Soule voiced Batman, while Casey Kasem voiced Robin. The Показать had one season and thirty-four episodes....
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Бэтмен is one of the most Популярное superheroes of all time. Because of this, he's had еще appearances on the big screen than most superheroes.

Batman's first theatrical appearance was 1943's movie serial, starring Lewis Wilson as Бэтмен and Douglas Croft as Robin. Although the serial is mostly forgotten, it was responsible for the creation of Alfred, played by William Austin, and the Batcave.

The секунда Бэтмен movie serial was 1949's Бэтмен and Robin, starring Robert Lowery as Бэтмен and Johnny Duncan as Robin.

In 1966, a movie based on the Бэтмен Телевидение series, called Batman: The Movie,...
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This Список is for the theatrical films starring Superman, also known as Kal-El and Clark Kent. Супермен is one of the вверх two most iconic DC Comics hero, the other being Batman. Because of this, he has been put on the big screen several times.

Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Супермен (1950) were a couple of movie serials. Kirk Alyn, who played Супермен in both serials, has the honor of being the first actor to play the character in live-action. However, due to Супермен having such legendary status, Супермен was credited as playing himself. Noel Neill, who played Lois Lane in the movie serials,...
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