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*During his fight with Erza in the Tower of Heaven arc, in the Манга his attire is especially designed to withstand disintegration while using his Meteor spell. Though in the anime, he appears to be wearing a skin-tight sleeveless black рубашка with cargo pants.

*During the Tower of Heaven arc, on his пальто was a Дизайн или mark that looks similar to the Fairy Tail symbol backwards.

*In the Аниме version of the Oración Seis arc, Jellal takes his плащ from Erigor, rather than a member of Naked Mummy.

*Jellal's Heavenly Body Magic печать is the same as Lucy's Uranometria Magic seal.

*Jellal as Siegrain was in Lucy's "Perfect Boyfriend" list, right on вверх of Loke.

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 Lucy's Список of perfect boyfriends
Lucy's list of perfect boyfriends