Дженнифер Энистон Angeliana Jolie Sucks!......and is sooooo bad. Jen is the best!!

musicgoddess112 posted on Mar 10, 2009 at 03:08PM
Angelina Jolie is the worst. She's a man stealer. Even though Brad Pitt is partly 2 blame for that(he's a boy there just boys). But Ang's movies aren't even good. She's not pretty either. Jen is beutiful. Also Ang keeps adopting kids and naming them stupid names. Who names their sons Pax and Maddox.....an idiot.
Another reason 4 me to hate Miley Cyrus's personality. Is she says Angelina Jolie is beutiful..and anybody who says she isn't is lying to thereself.
Well Guess What....we're not.
So join me and go against Miley and Anige STUPID Jolie.
Thank You

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Больше года laughingGrl said…
i hate miley d angie too! =]]
Больше года musicgoddess112 said…
big smile
Больше года I-Heart-Scrubs said…
ewwwww miley cyrus says angelina is beautiful? thats distgusting

angelina jolie make me want to hurl :S
Больше года musicgoddess112 said…
tell me about it..i feel bad for Brad but he got himself into it, but still. Angie treats him like such crap!
Больше года 555YJ said…
ur like totally right! Jen is talented,funny,natural,successful and extremely hot,sexy and gorgeous! I understand that men r men but still! Who leaves Jennifer aniston who's like the hottest woman on earth for angelina jolie?? She's so fake and distgusting and keeps adopting children!! I mean come on! Could she BE more desperate for attention???? I think not...
Love the comments!!!!
Go Jennifer<3
Больше года ninjakiwi said…
Dear god someone i know who likes jen more than angie - she sucks and jen rules and thats plain and simple!