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I didn't think about the Peter Pan movie, until my Друзья started to talk about thair fav story when they were kids, and they asked me what was my fav. I сказал(-а) Peter Pan, so i wached Peter Pan on Ты tube, ad ever since that day, i have been waching things that people have made on Ты tube, an i just Любовь to wath them, again and again. And i'm even thinking about makeing my own.

I don't know how and i don't know why but it seams that, if i like someone who is famous then i sometimes have a dream about them, don't know why though. The one before jeremy was Gerren Howell, but please please please don't think that im strange.
But i will still think that Jeremy is hot and cute, i't dosn't matter what anybody may say, i will still think the same as i have done my whole life.

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