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Jesus jokes page is a collection of clean jokes and funny stories.
You see humor can be a very important part of our life, if we know how to apply it.

I am definitely against dirty jokes and stories which have no spiritual substance and significance.

So, here I will attempt to place only such a humor we can learn from, and at the same time, enjoy a good laugh.

The Bible says that a "merry сердце doeth good like a medicine" (Proverbs 17:22).

So, enjoy these Jesus jokes, and if Ты want еще clean Jesus jokes, the An Unseen World Web Site offers some very good ones. Enjoy!:

And if this section of the...
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He is god. I first personally his sons, Freddy and Frank, use to live at my location, gates of Hell. They all perfectly sinless untill perfectly evil. Иисус having first sinned at 31, turning perfectly evil. He is Satan and has deceived the world. God as Lucifer. I look identical to them, yet are unrelated. All of them involved in God's mafia family, horribly inbred at that I never sinned even at 31. Kill me if I ever sin. My son was a virgin pig birth, immaculate conception, from the wicked witch of west and I. Named Иисус the pig. As long as I don't sin, his son god the hog.
His Name Is Иисус - Phil Wickham (Lyrics)
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