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What is ur Избранное Elvis Presley (EP) movie(s) & y? The reason y I asked is b/c on Sat., 1.8.22 will be Elvis' would've been birthday. Elvis made a lot of movies, but my suggestion 2 u is that u can make a Список of ur Избранное Elvis movie(s) that u either wanna see on TV или the movie(s) that u haven't seen such as "Tickle Me" или "Live A Little, Любовь A Little". After u make ur list, u can send ur Список 2 the following TV stations such as This TV Network at www.thistv.com; ION Телевидение at www.iontelevision.com; Get TV Network at www.get.tv; E! TV at www.eonline.com; & ION Plus at www.ionplus.com.


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posted by sweetlady982002
I have a friend who is 42 years old, she's emotionally disturbed & lives with her 71 год old mother who has diabetes. Her mother needs to be put in a mental hospital because she falsely accuses her daughter of certain things that she really didn't do или say. Her mother lowers her daughter's self esteem by calling her terrible names like crazy, dumb, & stupid; & threatens to put her in a group home. I really don't want my friend to be put in a group Главная because people don't treat other people nice, & the same thing goes with the halfway houses. If anything, I believe that my...
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