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posted by oblix
или films in this case :P

Anyway i thought i will share with Ты all my Избранное films by Johnny Depp and Tim Burton;

7: unofficial film but.. Alice in wonderland.

i now too early to be loving it... but who cares.. the story is good, the costumes are great (of what we've seen).

6: Charlie and the Шоколад factory

Corpse Bride

4: Ed Wood

3: Edward Scissorhands

2: Sweeney Todd
Smashing film!

and Finally #1 the one and only.. not really fair because its the only one left. but Ты guessed


1: Sleepy Hollow
my number one film

Tell me whats your Избранное film.
and или do link pick.

But anyways Rate Комментарий and stoll!