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posted by luthorlex
Note: This review is dedicated to Adam West.

Justice League is a 2017 superhero film that is the 5th film in the DC Extended Universe. Despite getting mostly bad reviews there are lots of good things in the film and this review is about why the film is worth checking out.

The Plot

Batman decides to lead a team of super heroes. He teams up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. Бэтмен is desperate to make the world safe, because of what happened to Superman. Sadly Steppenwolf is putting the world in danger. Бэтмен and his fellow Герои try to stop Steppenwolf. They decide to save...
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Since I've already reviewed the Justice League film it's time to review the film's characters and the people that played them. (Warning: There will be spoilers about the film in my review.)


For the record I Любовь Batman. He's 1 of the coolest looking Герои ever. Plus he's 1 of the funniest (well the Adam West versions of him are really funny.) I was expecting Бэтмен to be my Избранное character in the film, but he's not. Batman's cynical and cruel personality in Бэтмен V Супермен was interesting and well done. Бэтмен losing hope and regaining it towards the end of that film was well done....
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