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North American Аниме distributor Viz Media announced the English dub cast for the K Телевидение Аниме on Friday. Viz will premiere the dub on its Neon Alley streaming service this summer.

The dub cast includes:

Sam Regal as Yashiro "Shiro" Isana
Matthew Mercer as Kuroh Yatogami
Patrick Seitz as Reisi Munakata
Keith Silverstein as Mikoto Suoh
Stephanie Sheh as Neko
Erin Fitzgerald as Chiho Hyuga
Ben Diskin as Misaki Yata
Todd Haberkorn as Izumo Kusanagi
Grant George as Akira Hidaka/Ichigen Miwa
Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Anna Kushina
Tara Platt as Seri Awashima
Johnny Yong Bosch as Saruhiko Fushimi
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posted by anime_cutiez
So, ehem. This is my first Статья here in "K", and I am only a starter. So please, no haters :)

So, I really think that the ending of the Аниме K was really heart-touching, from beginning, to end.

First of all, the battle between Munakata and Mikoto are super amazing. I believe fangirls screaming out loud when Munakata removed his glasses? Or... maybe not. It's really nice that Mikoto still believes in Fushimi even though he abandoned the HOMRA, and сказал(-а) that he hates generous people.

The time when Kuroh bowed down to Shiro is really sweet, and being the 2nd clansmen of the Silver King was kinda...
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