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I would like Yesung to release a solo album. Do Ты know why he hasn't yet?

Yesung is a very great singer. But he hasn't yet released a solo album, while many main vocalists in other idol groups have. To release a solo album is a great achievement for a singer. And Yesung is capable to make it into a big hit. He deserves it.So I wonder why?
 fineday posted Больше года
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BloodieHime12 said:
Because he "belongs" to SM. It's quite a widely known fact that SM likes to mistreat или ignore their artists. :/ They're big on subgroups, but I don't they've had any member from any group release a solo album. Not to my knowledge, they haven't, at least.
I, personally, strongly agree with you. He's hardworking and his vocal skills are top-notch. He definitely deserves it. I hope when he gets back from the army they arrange for one to be released.
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posted Больше года 
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