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This Kingdom Hearts Обои might contain улица, город сцены, городских условиях, город сцена, урбанизация, and городских настройка.

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Hello Again.This is Gabe.I've been inactive for almost a year,and I apologize for that.Thank Ты for Чтение my series up to here.I've made a few decisions regarding this series.First,I no longer care if it gets read или not.This close to the defining chapter,I will finish the series no matter what.Second,Any returning supporters will be notified when the Далее chapter is finished.Third,The story will follow Cloud's point of view with Twilight gone.I haven't decided if this will be permanent или not.That's all.I hope you'll give it a read and enjoy.Without further ado,This one goes out to IllusionDolls...
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