kowalski and the fangirls What Would Kowalski Say??

Cowtails posted on Aug 17, 2013 at 12:31AM
So here's how the game goes...someone will post a scenario. Like this:

Person 1: WWKS if Private slapped him?

And the next person would guess what exactly Kowalski would say, and then give another scenario. Like this:

Person 2: He would say...OW!! What the heck?!

WWKS if Skipper grew a beard??

And then people would continue like that! I'll start:

WWKS if a fangirl ran up and kissed him?

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Больше года pomfan2 said…
He would be weirded out, probably scream and run away...... XD

WWKS if Doris told him to give up inventing forever for her sake ?
pomfan2 commented…
Ты know, should add this topic to the Penguins of Madagascar spot.....More people could see it and play it еще :) I Любовь the idea btw :D Больше года