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Kowalski's mind filled with questions. Was it all all just a dream? или was that really happening? He paced back and forth, cursing at himself.
"STUPID BRAIN! I CAN'T TELL WHATS REAL ANYMORE!" Up in a дерево above him was a sparrow. She heard the screaming from Kowalski and swooped down to were he stood.
"Hey, Whats Wrong Dude"?
"Oh, Hello. Im just... in a mood I guess. I think my Друзья might be in trouble and need my help".
"I can help!"
"Oh I don't know, its way to dangerous for a kid like you." That made the sparrow stop.
"Im no kid, I may seem younger then Ты but im no kid. and I have a name. Im Riley."
"Well sorry Riley but I can't take Ты along, I don't need your parents mad at me, and I don't need your life taken."
"Parents?" Riley flew back up into the tree," My parents are dead". Kowlaski stopped in his tracks.
"Oh.. I am ever so sorry."
"So can I come?"
"I don't know.."
"Ok ok Riley, Ты shall come."
"Now come on, we must hurry. Fallow me."
Nights passed on slowly as Kowalski sat ontop of on a hill, no longer in New York now. He gazed up at the stars, trying to see witch one was brighter. But as he got bored he laid back on the hill, flippers crossed under his head, and began to think of what to do. Truth was, he missed Private and Rico and Skipper but he rather not think about it. When he fell asleep, he had a strange dream about the team's great st foe, Dr. BlowWhole. He had the rest of the team locked up in a small клеть, ящик that sat ontop of a shelf by the dolphin's computer. Skipper was deeply wounded and Private face was bright...
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It was a warm summer день at the zoo on the fine день as Kowalski laid in the sun, drinking a fine pineapple smoothy. The sun felt good on his rough skin that covered his flippers. He needed this after all of the missions lately with him and his comrades. He relaxed sinking deeper and deeper into the chair. He sat there for a while when Skipper came up to him.
"ON YOUR FEET MAN! THERE IS NO TIME TO REST!" Skipper yelled. Kowalski looked up and sighed at the site of Skipper's face, tense and brutal.
"Yes sir" he сказал(-а) and stood up. Over to the far right, Private and Rico were taking down the Ninja...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
I got nothing to do. So for all Ты Фаны that got nothing to do. Read this short-ish story!

One morning in Central Zoo park, Kowalski was just finishing his experiment. "Eurika! I've done it! I made a шлем that can read other people's thoughts! Now time to test it out..."

Kowalski walked over to a chair in the HQ and put on the helmet. "Ok helmet, do your stuff."

He looked over to Skipper, who was Чтение a book.

Skipper: (Why do I bother Чтение when I can't even understand this book?)

"Yes! It worked!" Kowalski cheered. He pointed the шлем to Rico, who was brushing his doll girlfriend's hair....
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Kowalski was lying in bed. Sure, the other guys have had their bad days, but.. It was hard for him. How could he go on much longer? He was thinking of leaving. Without a goodbye. He knew he could. But would he? The bunk he was in was cold and hard. He wanted so many things. He wanted to tell Doris he loved her. He wanted to tell Skipper to get his own brain... He wanted to be free. But he couldnt. He was a military officer now. That wouldnt change. He could get court martialed with the snap of a flipper. So he would sit.. And keep waiting. He knew he couldnt last much longer.. He knew he was going to finally crack. He couldnt stand it anymore.. He was resorting to unhealthy habits. He would'nt cut himself, no. That was too easy. He would sit, and think about what he could have become if he had gone to the университет with his siblings instead of the academy. He wanted to go home.