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in one certain day,kristina was ready to go to school and she waved her parents good bye.
In school there was this new boy,who was so cute,black and handsome.he was a nigerian and was admited newly,his name was prince he was not truely a prince but he was a prince charming in the eyes of kristina.she had a crush on him and she aproached him and said(how are Ты doing),prince then answered(i am doing fine,wow Ты are so beautiful,i Любовь your style and Ты are nice)kristina started blushing,then prince asked(are Ты blushing?)kristina answered quickly(me?,i am not blushing)prince Ответы by saying(please...
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We all know Kristina Pimenova, right? That beautiful model dubbed "the prettiest girl in the world"? But she's not really the most beautiful girl in the world? Who would have thought of that?

An interview with a raven_beauty fan
Me: Hello what's your name?
Fan: Hi, I'm terrari_zer
Me: I'm raven_beauty
Fan: WHAT?! You're kidding, right? RIGHT?!
Me: Noooo....
Fan: You're really raven_beauty?
Me: Are Ты asking me if I know who I am?
Fan: =^•^=
Me: Do Ты know Kristina Pimenova?
Fan: Yes
Me: Do Ты think she's pretty?
terrari_zer has left the chat.
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