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I'm here once again to give another awesome news about our beloved баскетбол Аниме Kuroko no Basket!

Update: www.bubblews.com/news/485488-kuroko-no-basket-season-2-to-air-october

The дата was moved to October, Read the Link Above!!
The дата was moved to October, Read the Link Above!!

Kuroko no Basket have ended for a while now and many wanted to watch it again and here is my awesome news for Ты Nobuo Sumino, head of Shueisha's comics have announced that the Далее season of Kuroko no Basket...
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Akashi's profile
Captain of the Teikou GOM,the one who discovered Kuroko's talent
Thinks winning is natural. Currently holds an unbroken winning record

Birthday: 20 December
(going by the order of the months in the year, Akashi would be the youngest and Kuroko the oldest, however as pointed out by Фэнтези Magician, going by the Japanese school system, the age order goes like this, starting from the oldest Kise, Midorima, Aomine, Murasakibara, Akashi and the youngest would be Kuroko. )
Zodiac sign:Sagittarius
Life philosophy:Just settle it quickly
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Kimi ga nozomu no naraba kamitsuite mo ii
Wana naku BLUE na kimochi hikikae ni shite
Aseruna my brightest сердце Kuraku wo tomo ni shite kita

Mou hitori ga senakagoshi de SMILE
Don’t worry nante shinjite mitai
Dekiru no wa mou shitteru ze Kateru ze
Datte aitsu wa ore jishin

let me higher, get me higher
Moeru mi no atsusa wa
Nanto naku no kyou demo
burnin’ up, we Любовь shinjite
rock me baby, Показать me baby
Misete kure motto
Ore to kimi to de tsukuri agerunda
Densetsu wo other self

Kamishimetanda haiboku mo Tsukanda shouri mo
Nan no tame ni ganbaru no Mada mienai kedo
Sore demo yukundarou Sore dake wa shitteiru...
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*In the fanbook, CHARACTERS BIBLE, an early character concept sketch of Aomine is seen. His face and eyes haven't changed, but accompanying a sketch of his original hairstyle, is a sketch of Aomine with longer hair, reaching his eyes and the back of his neck.

*On the first character poll, Aomine ranked 6th, with 710 votes. He went up one place on the секунда poll, this time with 1021 votes.

*The kanji 青 (Ao) in his name means blue, hinting to his hair color.

*Aomine and Momoi are childhood Друзья and her nickname for him is Dai-chan.

*Aomine has called Kuroko "Tetsu" ever since they started training...
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1.    Tsuchida - May 1st
2.    Hyūga - May 16th
3.    Kiyoshi - June 10th
4.    Koganei - September 11th
5.    Izuki - October 23rd
6.    Mitobe - December 3rd
7.    Riko - February 5th
8.    Fukuda - April 26th
9.    Kawahara - May 18th
10.    Kagami - August 2nd
11.    Furihata - November 8th
12.    Kuroko - January 31st

1.    Kiyoshi - 193 cm
2.    Kagami - 190
3.    Mitobe - 186
4.    Fukuda - 180
5.    Hyūga - 178
6.    Tsuchida - 176
7.    Kawahara - 175
8.    Izuki - 174
9.    Koganei - 170
Furihata - 170
10.    Kuroko - 168
11.    Riko - 156 cm

1.    Kagami - 82 kg
2.    Kiyoshi - 81
3.    Mitobe - 78
4.    Fukuda - 70
Tsuchida - 70
5.    Hyūga - 68
6.    Koganei - 67
7.    Kawahara - 64
Izuki - 64
8.    Furihata - 60
9.    Kuroko - 57 kg
10.    Riko - Unknown
Kuroko no Basuke (Баскетбол Куроко)
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