Lauryn холм, хилл Lauryn холм, хилл in Stockholm

webbtab posted on Apr 26, 2009 at 05:01AM
Former Fugees singer link will be the headline act for the Stockholm Jazz Festival in July

 Former Fugees singer [URL=]Lauryn Hill[/URL] will be the

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Больше года tainakore said…
Lauryn Hill-Raggamuffin 2010 in Rotorua, New Zealand.
What a disaster. She only lasted for 20 minutes, couldn't hold her notes & looked haggard. My friend that works at the airport said she waited in her car so as not to be mauled by the throngs of fans she felt would maul her. There were two in the airport & they didn't know who she was, funny. A member of the New Zealand staff that was assigned to her, said she was racist, rude, elitist & unhinged. Of all the performers he has worked with, she is the most pitiful & annoying. What a waste of hers & our time, her coming all this way to do something she clearly had no interest in doing. Sad that her light has faded, is she a p-freak? She won't perform to benefit anyone unless it feeds her gigantic ego that is grossly unwarranted. Mis-education? Mis-diagnosed is more like it. Leave her in Haiti to be reminded just how insignificant she really is in the scheme of things.
Больше года AngeLikas said…
oh i adore this singer!and i dont wont to belive in all what you told about her,dear tainakore..,her voice is perfect and i hope we will hear her songs ,and good news about her come back very soon..