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posted by svu_luver


The officers lead Elliot outside and shoved him into the back of the police car but left the door open so Dean could talk to him.As Dean neared the car Elliot could see his face turn from anger to confusion as he pulled out his phone.

"...Don this is of yours has been arrested....Yes...anonymous tip....No...Okay...Well Capti...Ok...I understand....Meet ya there in 20 minutes....Yes...Ok....Bye"

Dean smiled as he walked over to Elliot and made sure he was just millimeters away from his face...."Book him..."he smiled and shut the door in Elliots face.

The words repeated in Elliot's head 'Book him'.....

*ABANDENED BUILDING*(once again...idk where make it up =D)

Olivia didn't remember much after she left her apartment, but when she awoke in the big dark room tied to a chair all she could think about was Elliot. 'Is he looking for me...does he know I'm gone...Does he care?'was all that ran in her head.Being a cop and all Olivia was trained by the very best to be prepared for the very worst but never this. Olivia had to admit she was scared... terrified... but she knew she had to stay strong for her...and for Elliot. She knew she couln't give up hope and most importantly that she had to survive. You'd think that working with pervs all день Olivia would know how these sickos work but even she had to admit everyone of these monsters are different and Ты never know and that's the hard part about it. After Olivia's almost-rape she was a mess and she told herself over and over that she'd never let another man touch her like that again ...EVER...and she meant it. Now all Olivia could do was tell herself to be a cop, not a victim. And pray Olivia had to pray...

The whole ride here Elliot сказал(-а) nothing at all to the arresting officers as they asked Вопросы despite the fact It would make him seem еще guilty. He couldn't believe captian didn't have his back. Of all people in the squadroom Captain should've been there,but he wasn't.Elliot was hurt and confused Captain was always there before what made this time different?Was he angry with Elliot for walking out? Elliot didn't know how to react he never thought that he'd be accused of this. Captain always told him and Olivia that they were two of New Yorks best,but was he just being nice?...just giving them determination?....was he telling Fin and Munch the same thing?....Does he even care?

"Mr.Stabler"Said a officer as Elliot was lead into interrigation "Did Ты hurt your partner?"

"Detective not mister and she has a name"Elliot was already annoyed with these slimebags.

"Okay well did Ты hurt Ms.Beson....DETECTIVE?"

"How could Ты ask me that...I'm not a pervert...or a murderer...I'm an deticated officer of the law!!"

"So Ты say..."said the officer

"What is that sapossed(SP?) to mean?!?!"Yelled and angry Elliot.

"You were found in building with your wifes body laying 10 feet away from Ты in a pool of blood.Not to mention that YOUR covered in blood"

"It was an anonymous tip when I got there she was already there!!"

"So instead of calling your captain Ты decided to roll around in her blood for a while!?!?!"said the officer sarcasticly.

"I just want to find Olivia and they weren't doing too much about it!!!"

"So Ты decided to take matters into Ты own hands?"

"Yes!"said Elliot calming down a bit.

"You know I've been in the force over 15 yers and I've NEVER met a cop who called there partner by first name..."

"What are Ты saying?!"said Elliot anger returning.

"I'm saying that her name is Detective Benson..."