What is your Избранное part in Legally Blonde?

Mine is when they're questioning the кабинка для переодевания, кабана, копакабана boy and he goes like this:

"How long have Ты two slept together?"
"Three months."
"Where did Ты take Brooke to for dates?" (or something like that!)
"At a restaurant where no one would recognize us."
"And your boyfriend's name is...?"
"Thank you."

loll :D

so what's your fave thing in LB? ;)
 Aphrodite100 posted Больше года
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taytay7132 said:
mine is were ellie woods she went into the salon and she was Показ the girls there how to bend and snap it is just really funny the way the woman does it anyway yeah thts my fave part
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posted Больше года 
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