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posted by caoimhenaggy
When a hawk raised by humans is made share a pen with a blind black сарай owl he is introduced to things he thought never existed..
Hell=earth any owl that was born on erth is called a hellrider .owls die in hell are transported to saor
Saor=saor is a land in the moon only travelled to by a owl it was created at the dawn of time by magic дана to the owls by god
Cor=group trained by the black owl to control dultra (elements).it is a group of 6 owls
Caomhnoir =elders of soar

Whe the black owl took the hawk to soar she taught the hawk about the deep magic and about the caomhnoir who created soar and trained heros and warrior
The owl learned the art of dultra and trained the cor and a army on the one dultra cruach.
She brought the army the earth and using deep magic she took over the world and put Животные on top. the comhnoir couldn’t stop her. Black owl made the world perfect.she didn’t kill humans but brought balance to the world aga
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 author: hannah jenny
author: hannah jenny
every week i write a new story of my life, last week i was with my brother galano, here is what happened...

my brother was hunting outside, when he finally caught our supper, kanto, a large rattler snake took it, and now our parents are hunting him down...?
" i don't see him anywhere, he has vanished," сказал(-а) my mother talia
" don't give up my love, our children will starve if we don't catch him, "
" he's probably going to be very big, should we go and find some сарай или great grey owls, they are bigger and can catch that big monstrosity," сказал(-а) talia
" good idea" they both flew off to the...
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posted by gylfie
~ gylfie~
hello, my name is gylfie, Ты may know me as the beloved navigational ryb of the great ga'hoole tree. many of Ты probably have not heard of my life before being chicknapped by the evil saint aegolius orphanage, during these new newspapers in the great tree, i will give Ты a new Статья every week, first, my story starts in a cactus hollow in the desert of Kuneer. my brother, Galano was hunting right outside the hollow...

" ohhh!!!, come out Ты little pest.." yelled Galano
" what is wrong Galano? крыса got your tongue?"
" oh be quiet gylfie, Ты wouldn't know, Ты can't even fly yet!"...
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