Leverage UK version Better

callum11 posted on Dec 29, 2009 at 04:49AM
Not many people know that Leverage is the UK Hustle
Hustle is much better
Trust me Watch Hustle its so much better
and the girl in Hustle better looking

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Больше года Shina_Black said…
I've seen couple of Hustle episodes. It's very good, but the thing is that I really don't like Marc Warren. I know he's good actor, but I just don't like him. So Hustle isn't for me.
Leverage on the other hand has Christian Kane, so it's perfect for me :)
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Больше года The3rdL said…
Hu$tle was a Great show... but in Hu$tle the entire team was Grifters it was all about doing a long con to get a mark. Leverage is different they have a hacker, hitter and a master theif more action with less focus on the slight of hand tricks they pull on Hu$tle...I am a fan of both but after the original crew left it was never the same....One thing I can say is I can see the Leverage team pulling off alot of the same cons the Hu$tle team did but I cant say the same for the Hu$tle team.

Leverage Wins the overall, but Jaime Murray was Hotter.

Больше года juniper427 said…
i've seen hu$tle and i like it and love Marc Warren. but i do like leverage better. hu$tle focuses less on the robin hood theme and the are con-men are all have the same basic job description except the girl and frankly i find her job demeaning. Also i have a hard time listening to the guy with american accent its painful to hear him speak. Leverage is a stronger show and i don't usually vote against BBC.

by the way, american version of Torchwood. *gag*