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2000: Fresh meat on the red carpet with no idea what happens with black material in the light of fleshes.
And she keeps smiling :)

Ally McBeal... Cindy McCauliff
What Women Want... Dina
Grosse Ponite... Shawn Shapiro
The West Wing... Brittany "Laurie" Rollins
Grapevine... Leila

Transsexual and high-class prostitute in one year. Ты go girl!

 Madonna's 'Music' Launch Party
Madonna's 'Music' Launch Party

2001: Guest actress and animal lover

Family Law... dr. Rachel Thompkins
Black River... Laura Crosby
Going to California... Dana

 Grand Opening of Skandinavia, owned by Swedish born Suss Cousins
Grand Opening of Skandinavia, owned by Swedish born Suss Cousins

2002: Lisa hits two TV Shows. With...
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 Book Cover
Book Cover
Lisa Edelstein as many of Ты know was a club kid in the 80's. and in her friend James St. James' book she is BRIEFLY described. here's what he says (includes Ссылки to pictures and Статьи mentioned.)

the only mention of Lisa in the book, (and he doesn't use her name but one can infer that this refers to Lisa)

page 44 from Party Monster (previously Disco Bloodbath) by link:

"... I enlisted the help of a link to counteract my sometimes unnerving flamboyance. She was my sidekick. link
I schooled her in the art of schmoozing.
I even went so far as to make up flash cards to help her remember who stood...
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