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posted by lindseyiscool
 "Momoko" from Kamakazi Girls- the lolita inspired movie
"Momoko" from Kamakazi Girls- the lolita inspired movie
When I first bought the "Gothic and Lolita" book I wondered: Who are theese people? What's going through thier minds when they decide to dress like this?
Well, it came to me when I started to develop a taste for the lolita style: Lolitas are individuals. They have embraced self-expression at it's height and taken full control of it.
Self-expression isn't taught in the average school. It isn't the primary focus of the average adult when you're young but, it's still vastly important for a child's development.
Some people don't appreciate the lolita culture. If I could look them all in the eyes I would say: This isn't about Ты или what Ты think is appropriate. This is about what's important. To the individual, to the public, and most of all... to the world.
I guess some people don't really understand the future. They don't know this generation is going to make it brighter...
I think lolita is a sign that we can make the future whatever we want it to be.
 A Избранное brand of mine is Конфеты Violet!
A favorite brand of mine is Candy Violet!
I personally Любовь lolita style and wear it anytime I can, even to school.
One problem I've had, though, is that my immensely fluffy lolita dress barely fits into my chair at school.
The юбка really doesn't look fully lolita without the fluffy petticoat. X_^
Is there a way that Ты wear the style еще comfortably but still maintain that lolita flair?
And of course the clothes are delicate and must be dry-cleaned, which can get expensive.
Do Ты know of another, cheaper way to get the outfits clean?
And what is your Избранное place to get your lolita gear?
или do Ты hand-make your clothes?
Thank Ты for your visiting at my thread.

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