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To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Who leaves the seeds,
For Ты to find?
Follow them and Ты will see,
a treasure there.

Then plant the seeds,
and help them grow!
It may seem the like a dream,
things are not what they seem.

Now begins a new adventure for you!
And you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

Living in the forest trees,
for such a very, very long time!

There you'll be with

To-to-ro, Totoro! To-to-ro, Totoro!

You only see him when your very young,
a magical adventure for you!
It's magic for you.

Rain tumbles down...
the bus is late.
Suddenly, a furry wet giant
is by your...
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Currently, I have been obsessing over this movie. There are no words, in my opinion, to express the pure beauty of this film. Miyazaki never fails to dazzle and enlighten me with his creations, and this movie by far is my Избранное of all his works.

The story is about Satsuki and Mei Kusakabe, two young sisters moving into the town of Matsugo, a place close enough to their mother who is sickly and staying at the hospital 4 hours away. Mei meets a magical forest spirit named Totoro and tells Satsuki and her father, but at first her sister doesn't believe her. After they both encounter Totoro,...
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The english lyrics to the секунда OVA ending for Ranma 1/2: link by DoCo.



Up in blue sky silly blimp go by,
where it come from where it going,
ziggy-zaggy it fly high!

Today is Sunday,
past one-thirty,
why Ты no come by?
Maybe Ты late but I no can wait...

Now I cry...


Pretty red bricks,
bridge that spans the tide.
Draw the picture see the face
of the one I want by my side!

There Ты are all dressed in black
but I can't see your eyes.
Can it be your dressed that way for me?

Why are Ты so shy?

Beep-beep! Beep-beep!


This pager's drivin' me crazy!

Just so! Ты know!

If some dark stranger asked me I might go...
And so...

Don't blame me when your lonely!
We're sailing out to see the ship and me.

Lalala, lala, lala, lalalaa~!
Lalala, lala-la-la-la-la-la, laa~!

Repeat x3.
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Source: Characters by Rumiko Takahashi
By no means a bit character in the Манга series, Miss Hinako is one of the coolest characters in Ranma 1/2... with one of the most unique powers imaginable. It's a shame she wasn't featured in the Аниме еще often.
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Source: Characters by Yana Toboso
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Source: Rumiko Takahashi
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The afterimage floating in the moonlit night
is my transient black memory.
In a distorting morning of disgrace,
I sail a voyage of corruption.

If it's an unrequited love,
then at least let us bond in the other world...
I've been making that wish countless times,
like a beast hungry for your blood!

I am, after all Butler DEATH, always ready to kill Ты или our love.
The curtain that's dyeing the earth red, I'll kick it into pieces.
The cinematic records and the films of souls and memories
are what I earnestly seek, as I strum my blood-stained delusions.

Tonight I've just had a very faint...
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