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This Статья was written by Fanpop guest contributor Stacee R.

The hardest part about dating is finding out if the guy you’re interested in actually likes you. Once it’s established, moving вперед is easy, but getting there is the tricky part. Here are six ways to know if the guy you’re crushing on is crushing back!

1. How does he act when he’s around you?

Both men and women act in strange and unusual ways when they’re around someone they like. Some people get shy while others take over and need all the attention. Most of these gestures are simple tactics to get the other’s attention....
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...are Ты serious?

You're self-conscious enough to ask people on the internet what they think of your appearance?

If Ты can't understand how beautiful Ты truly are, Ты don't deserve to get the compliments you're longing for.

If Ты say silly things like that just for the compliments the polite people give you, then Ты certainly aren't as beautiful on the inside as people say.

Don't complain about how people don't say you're beautiful.

Your scars may be permanent, but they're a reminding part of who Ты used to be, guy who got called an Эмо fag at school because he wears a lot of black and...
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posted by Alyssa2903
Ты are every part of me
And with every breath I take
Your Любовь will light my way
And for every день I live
The promise that I made
Is I will never let Ты go

I swear I never knew Любовь like this before
And for everything Ты are
I gotta make Ты know
For your love

And I'd give anything for your love
'Cause baby I'd never make it alone
And forever I'll stand by your side
I just gotta make Ты see yeah
I only live... for your love
When I was running out of faith
Ты still believed in me
And never let me fall
And the times I Остаться в живых my way
You're the one who held me up
And brought me through it all

I swear I never saw it like this before
'Cause baby with your Любовь Ты gave me
The reason to go on
And for your love

And everything I am
And all that I could be
Would mean nothing now
If you're not with me
Shinin' your light on me
When night is closen' in
When I was weak
Ты were the one who made me strong
Ты gave me faith to carry on
posted by Kristina_Beauty
 I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!
Hi! My name is Kristina Pimenova! You'd better look me up of Ты have never heard of me. I'll wait.

Ok, Ты ready? I'm the prettiest girl in the world! Exciting, riiiiiiight?! If Ты still don't know me very well.....JUST LOOK ME UP FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Ugh! But if Ты have....

....thanks! I am a model! I am beautiful! And I live in Calabasas, California! Pleeeeeeease message me! I message back! And...


Be a Фан of this


Be a Фан of me

And have a greeeat day! Byyyyyeeee! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
posted by reneemonique
A collection of some Любовь quotes.

I’m a liar because I wont tell Ты everything.
I’m stupid because sometimes im wrong.
I’m ugly because my face isn’t perfect.
I’m a pushover because I like making people happy.
I’m a loser because I’m a not friend with your group.
I’m fake because I’m too nice.
I’m weird becauseI’m not like you.
I’m fat because I eat when I’m hungry.
I’m clingy because I don’t like to be alone.
I’m insecure because I care about what people think of me.
I’m no fun because I'm not always hyper?
Don’t try to tell me who I am.
I already know.

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posted by australia-101
1. I Любовь how Ты always make me smile
2. I Любовь how Ты always make me laugh
3. I Любовь the way Ты inspire me.
4. I Любовь how cute and adorable Ты can be
5. I Любовь the kindness that Ты show
6. I Любовь how I can always be there for you
7. I Любовь how Ты can always be there for me.
8. I Любовь how Ты stand up for the things Ты believe in
9. I Любовь how open-minded Ты are
10. I Любовь your gentleness with me
12. I Любовь how Ты take my breath away.
13. I Любовь thinking about you
14. I Любовь how sweet Ты make my dreams
15. I Любовь hearing your laughter
16. I Любовь it when Ты smile
17. I Любовь Ты still when your angry...
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posted by hermione980
What does it mean when teenagers say "i Любовь you" to eachother, или when they tell their Друзья that they're so in Любовь with so-and-so? It's not true, forever and always love, not yet, but teenage Любовь does exist. What is it, exactly, though?

Teenage Любовь is falling in Любовь at a young age, possibly for the first time but not the last.

Teenage Любовь is thinking about someone and no one else in your spare time, and fantasizing about what "should have been".

Teenage Любовь is sometimes saying "i Любовь you" not because Ты mean it, but because Ты know its what Ты should say.

Teenage Любовь is Поцелуи in...
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posted by AlOoOosh
I don’t Любовь you….
But I want to be with you…
I admire you..
I don’t Любовь you..
I only want to stay with you…
I want to follow you..
To hell ……to heaven ….as long as I am with you..
About the whole world I don’t care…
As long as I am with you..
I don’t Любовь you..
But I am always thinking of you..
I am not worried about you..
I am worried about my future ….about my life..about my whole world…without you………
I don’t Любовь you..
But I loved dreaming with you…
I don’t Любовь you..
but I am безопасно, сейф with Ты …
And I want to hold you
I don’t Любовь you…
So…..do Ты Любовь me?
I don’t hate Ты …
But please tell me..
Who am I?
And who are you???
posted by Rockin2daBeat10
How Ты know you're in Любовь is feeling that spark in the first Kiss with your boyfriend. If he tells Ты he loves Ты every секунда of the day, then he truly means it. He tells Ты that he'll make sure no one will hurt Ты and see a twinkle in his eyes, then he really cares.
If Ты found the guy that tells Ты that he thinks Ты are made for each other, than you're in luck. Ты found the one that is hard to find! The difference is he doesn't want only one thing. He loves Ты and cares about Ты way too much to ever break your heart.
Любовь is the closest to magic. First Kiss Ты feel like floating into the universe and stars. The hugs feel like they last forever and never ends. When he holds you, Ты feel like you're in a fairy tail.
Those of Ты who feels this way, you're made for each other. CONGRATS!
~Love is Gods greatest gift~
posted by TeamSongz4eva
Remember the time i fell in Любовь with you?? Cause you're once, twice,three times a lady and i loooooovve you, and sometimes we never ever see eye to eye.. remember girl i was the one who gave Ты your first kiss... i remember cause i was the one who сказал(-а) put your lips like this. Even if we fight a million times over little things, we can still make it better, i meant what i сказал(-а) when i gave Ты that promise ring.. imma Любовь Ты forever...Forever ain't enought cause i can't breathe when Ты talk to me... i suffocate when Ты are away from me...when we are together the moments i cherish with...
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I got these Цитаты from Google and i made some up they are about all kinds of love.

1)lylas! lylab! (love Ты like a sister and brother)

2)you can Любовь anything even if its stupid and dont let yourself get made fun of for doing it because they probably Любовь something stupid also

3)maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed maybe they're supposed to run wild until they find someone just as wild to run with

4)i never stopped loving Ты i just stopped Показ it

5)i wanna be the girl HE'S scared to lose the one where he can't walk away, the one who can't fall asleep with out her voice being the last...
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posted by kewan
She сказал(-а) to him ...
you Любовь me thou I am blind ...
In this world many girls ...
Sweet and beautiful and exciting ...
You are mad ...
Or sympathetic to the blind eye ...

he сказал(-а) ...
But I'm in Любовь sweetie ...
I do not wish any thing from my world ...
just to be my wife ...
God has blessed me with money ...
What I think healing is impossible ...

she сказал(-а) ...
Have been prepared to optical ...
I will be your wife, and satisfied Ты ...
And I will spend my life with Ты ...
But ..
who will volunteer His eyes for me ...
Any night, still had ...

On the день he comes quickly ...
be happy have found volunteer ...
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Любовь has been on my mind a lot lately, and I don't know how to deal with it. My mother always told me not to look so hard because its right in front of me, well I must be blind not to see it cause so far its not. I'm 21 I know I'm young but I found no one. I've had boyfriends, and almost married, then he changed his mind because I wouldnt let him control me, and he wouldnt agree on anything I said. I belive in Любовь at first sight, and I have been in Любовь with a man for the past 5 years, and I don't know how to tell him, because he's married, going on 2 years.

I feel so Остаться в живых and alone, I don't know where else to look или where to go, If Любовь isnt in front of me, then I should look harder, the sweeter men are HARD to come by, the man I Любовь happend to be everything I dreamed of as a child. Should I look somewhere else, look harder, and look out of North Jersey? I feel lost, What should I do?
Ты HAVE to read all of them and if Ты don't your going to come across with problems in your relationship for the Далее month!

1) Guys may be flirting around all day, but before they go to sleep they always think about the girl they truly care about

2) Guys are еще emotional then Ты think if they loved Ты at one point it takes them a lot longer then Ты think to let Ты go, and it hurts every секунда that they arent with you

3) Guys go crazy over a girl's smile

4) A guy who likes Ты wants to be the only guy Ты talk to

5) Giving a guy a hanging messa​ge like "You know what uh...never mind....."...
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posted by waterwaves
Hi in Skye I've learned the hard way to finding the right Любовь mate and I'm still trying,
But here's a few things I know how to do and I know u can them to just takes some practice, ok

1. If Ты like him/her u have a crush on, always do the basic stuff like get to know them and what he/she like and stuff always start off like that always! That'll give u a good start before u Переместить it to the Далее level of Любовь

2. Always Start off by saying hi или hello

3. Once Ты give him/her a chance to know Ты and Ты guys become befriends, Ты wait for him/her to ask Ты out before Ты ask him/her out and...
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This Статья was written by Fanpop guest contributor Trina G.

Dating isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Just when you’ve gotten all excited about getting the chance to have ужин with the guy you’ve had a crush on for months, Murphy’s Law kicks in and everything goes wrong.

Are Ты cursed? Are Ты doomed to be single forever? Absolutely not! It’s just life. Just in case things do go downhill, however, here are 5 things that can potentially go wrong on your first date, and what Ты can do to fix them.

1. Ты Have a Cold

There’s nothing еще frustrating than planning a ужин дата with...
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My world was dark. I ran into a wall. And I jumped over it. When I did. I saw his face. It was a light brighter than a candle. And one that was certainly too bright for me to handle. So I touched it. And it burned me. But the burn healed quickly.And the light came closer to me. And kept me warm. So warm. That I wanted that light to myself. But I couldn't. Because his flame might die.
And my world would be dark again.

So right now. I am watching from afar. And The wick is getting shorter. And the wax is running down the sides. I then got too close. And the light disappeared from me. So now I wander my dark dark world only to get stuck to another brick wall. And I don't see a light beyond this one.
 Ты make me happy like one else *-*
You make me happy like one else *-*
I Любовь my girlfriend, meeting her was the best thing that happened to me on this life. She is able to make me happy like no one else, she's there for me and she truly loves me and cares for me. She's truly the light that can make all the dark moments of my days shine brighter. She's the most beautiful girl in everyway, no girl in this universe could compare to her in my eyes. I only want and need her, not only now, but also for the rest of my life. I want to make her the most happy and take care that her сердце stays very safe, she's the most precious in my life, the most valuable treasure,...
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posted by PUNKMUNK
Not the water that travels in a flow
Not the earth that sits below
Not the wind that blows through his hair
Not the огонь that shines in his stare
None of the four old elements will do
Let's add a fifth, for me and you
One for the smile that sits on our faces
One that makes our hearts take off at paces
That slams our hearts against our ribs
That takes no offence to the jokes and the fibs
Something that reflects even better than Цвета light
Something that makes Ты feel in flight
A feel that makes Ты thirst for more
A feel like water at beaches shore
A thing that makes Ты do hand-in-hand
A special thing Ты wouldn't trade for all the land
A truth and care Ты see in his eyes
A truth and care clearer than the clearest skies
A огонь bright to burn forever
A огонь Ты keep going together
One that makes Ты smile and makes your сердце throb
One that's really for us, just us
Let's call it Love...
(Cute FW I got a while ago...)

Slow down for three минуты to read this. It is so worth it. Touching words from the mouth of babes.. A group of professional people posed this Вопрос to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, 'What does Любовь mean?'
The Ответы they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined. See what Ты think:


'When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore.
So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when...
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